Wednesday, March 19, 2008


just a "little" vent. Yes I'm working with my DT stuff and for me the process usually starts with an idea to go with the project materials, then I search thru picture files...looking to see what works, then I start the LO design process. The designing usually involves me moving the materials around my BG mat(sometimes using scraps of paper to represent pictures) until I'm satisfied with it. During the week when I'm working I might only spend 1/2 hr a night doing this depending on what else is going on. So last night I settled on my design, number of pictures and started putting together the layout. Dan left for a meeting tonight, so I decided to go up and print the pics I wanted. Now the GRRR part....he left with 2 programs running on the computer and a CD in the driver so I can't put mine in to get the pictures I want. Sooooooooooooooo I guess I'll just hang with B while she watches HannahMontana and read my new CK.

No sneak peeks today.


Lyn said...

hang in there jen!
i'm still waiting for my DT package! LOL
my whole week off and i will have nothing to work with! but that's OK b/c i will use up some of my stash and get some photos printed for when the new stuff does arrive!
can't wait to see what you come up with!!

Susan said...

Well at least you got the hard part figured out!!!

I finally managed to do the "Michael: page! Just posted it to my blog. *sigh*.

It was actually kinda nice to sit here working on something having him (albeit just a photo), watching me the whole time. It gave me a strange sort of peace.

Raelynn said...

That is exactly why we have 3 computers in our house--one for each of us! LOL

Corina said...

I finished mine.. came together fast to.. the hardest part was taking time to journal.. can't wait to see yours!

Sarah said...

Hope you were finally able to get something done... I'm not sure what your Hannah Montana tolerance level is. :) I just ordered a bunch from Shutterfly last night. I've been meaning to convert some to B&W, but I always forget. Thinking about trying Costco for those, though.

Thanks for your feedback on my projects. :) Means a lot to me.

Susan said...

Ok woman....get something posted! I'm dying to see some of your creativity!

I'm heading to the store today. Yippee! Love days off!