Sunday, November 30, 2008

Finished it

Well, last night I finished up my December Daily album (just in the nick of time). Well actually it's just the pages. Like some other people I know, I decided to hold off on the numbering. I did number the first two pages, before I had this revelation. I also have to buy some bigger binder's a little thick and the pages are having trouble turning. So I guess you'd like a little glimpse?

Here's a shot of page 1 & 2. For #1 I traced a bracket shape on some cardboard then just applied some acrylic paint, stamped the dotted circle and used a glittered Thicker. #2 is green chipboard(Creative Cafe) with some Scenic Route Xmas stickers and American Crafts letter stickers.

And I put that felt pocket (Creative Cafe) to good use turning it into a pocket page. With the assistance of my Cropodile I punched two holes, then set eyelets. I stamped on a plain white tag, attached ribbon and a Fancy Pants pin; then adhered the tag to the front of the pocket. For the inside I cut 2 tags. The idea for this page is to have the kids write their top Christmas "items" that they are requesting from Santa. (I really like how this page turned out)

In the background you can see how I stamped snowflakes (Basic Grey stamps) all over one of the acrylic pages.

And here's one more page. For this one I cut 2 squares of the felt. Stitched them together(back to back) and then I stitched the small red tag in the upper right corner.

So now you have a general idea of what my book looks like. I'll try to post updates as I go along.

Enjoy your's a wet rainy day here in New Jersey.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Black Friday

Did you go out shopping? Not me, I stayed home comfy and cozy and the USPS actually brought me the previously mentioned box of scrapping goodies. YAY! Last year at CHA I was introduced to these chipboard letters in a Fancy Pants class:

I think they are my all time favorite "raw" chipboard letter. Love the size and font. I've inked them, painted, glittered, and everytime I LOVE them. Well I happened to find them (accidently) on sale and since I was running low I decided to pick up a package. So since I was ordering I decided to see if I could find some colored chipboard sheets ( ala Creative Cafe) for my December Daily album. I ended up adding this to my order...

I got a couple of pieces of chipboard, 2 sheets of felt, and a felt pocket by Creative Cafe. Then I just had to throw in that darling Bingo card from Jenni Bowlin studios. (Almost all other materials will come from my current stash)
So a little later tonight I think I'm going to work on putting the album together. Quite possibly I'll be able to post a few pictures later this weekend.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My cover...

real quick...I did get around to doing my cover and 1 other page in my December Daily album. I'm trying to use up stuff I have on hand, but I did pick up a few extras while taking adavantage of an internet sale. However, those extras haven't arrived yet. ( i ordered on 11/15 & according to the site it hasn't even shipped yet!!!(needless to say I probably won't order from them again in the near future)) Oh and I did pick up a few of those TC 4x6 page protectors from CC to use. I know they will ship with my kit soon. :)

Anyway, here's the cover:

That's a rubon by Glitz Designs; a piece of CI PP; Maya Road office Sheer; SR number stickers; & Doodlebug Loopy Lou's that I flocked. Well it's a start. I hope to get a few more pages done this weekend and if that box comes I will definitely complete the album.

So that's it for now. Talk later...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The week in review...

well I've taken a few pictures during the week, my intentions were to blog about them as they happened. That didn't I'm warning you this may be a bit long.

First our dog went to the groomers on monday. Some of you may know or have atleast seen pictures of our some what hyper/overly protective belgian sheepdog. Normally, he has a very thick furcoat approximatley 4" long. All fall he has been "blowing" coat like crazy. Me, the vacum, and the swiffer mop could hardly keep up. Then he spent a week at the kennel while we were away. This now became a stinky/hairy/matted mess. So when he got dropped off, the groomer looked him over and said she'd probably have to go "pretty short".

Well short it went...I think we only got half our dog back.

I now call him my Belgian Deerdog...I think he looks like a black deer, minus the antlers.

Okay now on to the next picture and story. My rant won't be as long because I've now completed the task and my carpal tunnel is back to "normal" Well last friday B comes home with a note from teacher. "The children are making your holiday gifts this year, we need you to buy 1 1/2 yards of fabric. Holiday print or colors of your choice. To help out the children please cut said fabric into 6"x 1" strips with "pinking" shears to prevent fraying." Now don't get me wrong, I'm always willing to helpout and always send stuff in. But, this was obnoxious. I cut and cut and cut. My carpal tunnel was killing me ( I had it really bad several years ago, had the old EMG test to see how much damage. It was borderline surgery, so we decided to not do the surgery and I slowly regained strength back...okay SO off subject) So after a couple nights of cutting. It's finally finished. Here's a picture from the last night of cutting:

I divided the fabric up into manageable pieces, then drew lines on the back side for cutting. It was quite the "task". I think I know what they are making so I picked colors that will look nice in the house.

So then Thursday was our 15th wedding anniversary. We didn't do anything special. Our gift to ourselves will be a getaway in January. Dan is going to meet me in CA at the end of CHA. We're going to spend a few days in sunny Southern California together. While his Mom stays with the kids for us. I did get these beautiful roses delivered to me at work.

Last night I went to another jewelry party. I actually bought a few gifts and got something for myself. I've been doing a little internet shopping for the holidays too. I hate venturing out into the crowded stores this time of year.

It's very cold here and WINDY!!! I'm SO glad soccer is over until the spring. I actually slept in...8am woohoo! After morning coffee and the paper I headed up to scrap. Got all my projects done for Coordinates Collections. (I may go post a new sneak peek over on the MB a little later)
I just have to write the blurbs for the newsletter.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to get started on my December Daily album. Here's the acrylic album I picked up at the Scrapbook Cafe last weekend.

I'm going to use it as my base. (It's only 5 pages) I plan on adding in some chipboard pages, transparencies, and whatever else strikes my fancy. If I make any headway I'll try to post a picture.

If you are still reading, sorry for the long post. I just didn't feel like typing this week especially after doing all that cutting.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Crazy weekend weather

Warm & rainy yesterday+ tornado warnings. Today cold, blustery and a flurry or two. Yesterdays weather cancelled the rec soccer games I didn't get wet. Today was our last traveling game and it was COLD.

So with the cancellation of yesterday's game I went up to the Cafe and picked up the acrylic album I want to use for my December Daily album. That's as close to creating as I got this weekend. We went to see High School Musical 3 yesterday, did a few errands, then picked up Chinese on the way home.

Other than that I've spent my weekend devouring a book....The Red Scarf by Kate Furnivall.
It's a story about a girl who escapes from a Labor Camp in Siberia circa 1933. Loved it! I read a little Thursday night while waiting for Becca at dance. Then picked it up again Friday night and have been hard pressed to put it down. Now it's done...I can get back to my regulary scheduled life. Hopefully this week I can sort thru my stash and pull out stuff so I can start assembling my December Daily album.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So inspired by this...

this is a preview of the "Gum Drops" kit over at Coordinates Collections . It is one of the December monthly kits available for pre-order now. Lots of AmericanCrafts and some Basic Grey Urban Prairie. This arrived at my house yesterday afternoon. Seriously YUMMY and oh so inspiring!

How inspiring you might ask???

Well I knocked out 2 layouts this afternoon and have a few more ideas brewing.
(Gotta love a holiday, when the kids are in school:wink:)
Anyway here's a peek for you...


and here's peek #2...

Well I think it was a fairly productive day. The morning consisted of the grocery store, some laundry and dinner was started in the crockpot. Did 2 layouts, worked on some ideas for a Make-n-Take day at the Cafe. Now I'm just waiting for the bus...have to take the kids for a checkup at the dentist.

Hope you all enjoyed your day. I certainly have enjoyed mine so far. Tomorrow it's back to work..bleh!

Monday, November 10, 2008

2 days in a row...

....I'm on a blogging roll!

Seriously, it seems I've just been too busy to be hanging on the computer and I haven't really had much to share.

I forgot to tell you that I extended my vacation into this week. I took today off and then tomorrow is a holiday. To top it off...the kids are in school and DH is working(shh... don't tell anyone I was that excited okay?)

Well today after putting the kids on the bus, I came in enjoyed some coffee and a little morning news show. Then I headed out for a massage and to do a few errands. Came home was going to do a little housework, but decided to head up to the scraproom. I've had a picture of Fritz playing soccer sitting on my desk since the middle of September that needed to be scrapped. In my mind I had already figured out that I wanted to use some of my Fancy Pants-"Daily Grind" papers. So this is what I came up with:

in addition to the PP from Fancy Pants I also used FP chipboard letters, a felt star and a scalloped tag. The buttons are MM, Maya Road Office sheer, and soccerball is a piece of Q&Co felt border. It was a quick simple layout, but it was fun just to scrap something for me.

Speaking of creating...I think I have pretty much talked myself into doing Ali Edwards' December Daily album. Just need to collect my stuff and put it together. I think I want to start with one of the cool acrylic albums Angela has up at the Scrapbook Cafe. From there I can add in some fun chipboard and stuff, but I'm just not sure which Xmas line to use. Hmmm decisions, decisions.

Well that's all I've got for now.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Got home yesterday

actually right around dinner time. Just chilled out last night. This morning we had a soccer game, thankfully we got it in before the rain. (Speaking of...I heard it rained here all week. Made the cloudy days in Florida not so bad) So yes we had a great time even though all the days were not brilliant sunshine, but we did manage a few which allowed the kids to get in a few hours at the pool.

We had a great time spent most of our time divided between the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Disney's Hollywood Studios...with a few trips over to Dowtown Disney for a couple of meals (we could walk there from Saratoga Springs) Got quite a few rides in on Soarin (my fave ride). New this year is a ride at Hollywood Studios...Toy Story Mania(only got 2 rides on it...the lines were SO long, but it is very cool) it is now on my MUST DO list when I return. Caught a couple of parades....

this is a shot from the one at Disney's Hollywood Studios...loved all the fun bright colors. It was filled with all the characters from the Pixar productions.

It's called.....

they threw out a bunch of these balls towards the end of the parade. Luckily we were able to catch a few. :wink:

Here's a couple of twilight pictures I took at Hollywood Studios.

Later that night we attended the "Fantasmic" show. AWESOME, AWESOME,'s the 3rd time we've seen it. It's hard to explain, but it involves some cool effects with water. They somehow project movies thru a wall of water as they tell this story.

Here's a picture of Mickey after he pulled the sword out of the stone....

So on Thursday while waiting for the bus at the Magic Kingdom....guess who I run into?

Angela & Belle. Yep, teachers convention in New Jersey so everyone heads to Disney!

Well since we headed down on Nov. 1st when we got there the parks were all still decorated for Halloween by the time we left Christmas decorations were up.

Here's the lightpost in the Magic Kingdom......

So that's our vacation in a nutshell. Like I said had soccer today, picked up the dog from the kennel, have soccer again tomorrow, did some laundry....back to the everyday.

Hoping to do some creating soon. (especially now that I have some fun new pictures) Got my box of goodies from Fancy Pants right before I left and I got a box of stuff coming from Coordinates Collections.