Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The kids maybe sledding, but I'm on a sleigh ride...

This afternoon I am playing with the January "Sleigh Ride" kit from Coordinates Collections!
Have you seen it yet?

A mix of Echo Park "Winter Time" and Fancy Pants "Hot Chocolate" with some trims and crystals from Bazzill & Prima.

My ideas are flowing and I've printed out a few photos (I think I may change one to black & white though). I've only finished one this afternoon and here's a little peek for you...

I used a kraft sprout & shipping tag by Jillibean Soup (from my stash/CC store) and the clear crystal is from my stash....otherwise everything else can be found in the "Sleigh Ride" kit.

Well off to create some more.

Monday, December 27, 2010

approximately 20 inches later...

We are digging out...
(well this is Dan and soon after I took this picture the neighbor showed up with his plow and completely plowed out the driveway)

It started with a dusting Christmas night and then began in earnest yesterday morning around 7am and didn't stop until the wee hours of this morning. Today was sunny and very windy...we now have some 2-3ft drifts. Yesterday and today Fritz was gone for a good portion of the day sledding in a sand/gravel pit that is no longer mined. (our only source of hills around here) Me I stayed holed up inside editing pictures, working on some projects, and doing a little reading.

Let's back track to Christmas Eve...at our church the children put on a Christmas Pageant at the 5:30pm service. This year I was the mother of "Gabriel" and the "innkeeper".

I didn't really get a good shot of the innkeeper, but here is "Gabriel" in all her angelic glory. After we arrived home we were greeted by Santa on the back of the fire engine and he delivered the first present. Had a nice light dinner, played some Wii and folded a little laundry.

We told the kids they couldn't get up until 7am, so I think they had us up and downstairs by 7:30am (not sure who woke who up)

One quick shot before the wrapping paper started flying! My sister and her family came down for the afternoon and an early dinner. Yesterday we were suppose to go to my Dad's but that didn't happen because of the storm. All in all it was a good holiday!

Now I need to get my mojo on. Have a "creative post" on the CC blog on Wednesday(that's what I worked on today) and I printed out pictures to use with my January kit. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

yes,yes...I'm still here, but haven't been bloggin

Just caught up in the festivities of the month! Band concerts, christmas parties, etc.

I am now officially done work until next year :wink: Tomorrow I will spend most of the morning wrapping presents. Every year I vow to wrap as I go and I don't...oh well I just that's the way it goes. I'm also going to get my eyebrows waxed and go to a kettle bell class. Trying to keep up with the workouts to counter act all the yummy food. This will be my 3rd workout for the week.

The only thing I haven't gotten done on my to do list are Christmas cards. Possibly I will throw something together next week and send out New Years cards. If you have received cards from me in the past...I'm sorry mines not there yet, but here's hoping I get one to you next week.

Cooking dinner Christmas Day here at our house...my sister and her family will be attending. We are suppose to have dinner at my Dad's on Sunday...but that may get snowed out.

Got a great email from Beth yesterday about the Phillies...thanks I really enjoyed it and passed it along to some fellow phans!

Next week I will be scrapping. I have my January kit and my PCC project to work on and I have a creative post due next Wednesday...yikes!

That's all I have for now...so if I don't get on between now and the 25th....enjoy your holiday!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

brrr....Florida was cold!

So glad I brought along jackets and my Uggs! While walking to Epcot one morning we actually saw ice on the walkway!!! Anyway Disney was quite nice decked out for the holidays (we are planning on returning again this time next year) First thing different I noticed was in the lobby of our hotel...Each lobby at every resort had a giant gingerbread creation! Do you recognize whose feet are hanging out of the chimney? Next year I plan on visiting the lobby in as many resorts as I can to see all the different gingerbread creations.

Of course I have to show a few pictures of the topiaries in Epcot....

and then here's Pluto and his house sitting in the gardens between Future World & the World Showcase.

Here's a picture of the Magic Kingdom as we arrived by boat one night. In all the years that we have come to Disney World this is the first time we arrived at the Magic Kingdom via this form of transportation. An interesting piece of useless Disney trivia: they have the 7th largest Navy in the world. (This fact was imparted to us by a cast member while waiting for a parade to begin...I have other interesting tidbits too, maybe they will come up in another post)

One of the special holiday events we attended was "Mickey's Very Magical Christmas" with a special admission ticket to the Magic Kingdom you can spend 5hrs in the park enjoying special shows, riding the attractions, enjoying complimentary cookies & hot cocoa, catching a fireworks show and watching a parade on Main Street as it snows. (yes I said snow...the magic of Disney makes it snow on Main Street...though I think it was cold enough to snow on it's own)

Here's a shot of the sparkly castle as we were walking to Tomorrowland.

and here we are waiting for the parade to come down Main Street.

Of course at the end of every Christmas parade is Santa.

All in all it was a great vacation and like I said we plan on spending sometime early next December in Disney. It was a great way to kick off the holiday activity. The only major hitch was our flight was delayed almost 2hrs coming home. I finally crawled into bed at 2am Thursday morning and had to be at my desk by 8:30am! Ugh....Thursday was a LONG day.

Friday night we went and bought a fresh tree.

Saturday I got up and went to a workout (kettle bells and TRX) then came home and started decorating. I can say with the help of the whole family the outside decorations/lights went up, the artificial tree in the living room went up and the fresh tree in the family room is up, as well as other decorations throughout the house.

Here's a look at the tree in the family room.

Today was church, some laundry, and pretty much just vegging. Still have lots to catch up on, a few last minute gifts to buy, and everything still needs to be wrapped...but I am on my way!