Monday, January 24, 2011

Making a list & checking it twice

I know Christmas is over, but I'm making a packing list and a list of things that need to get done by Thursday. I spent this weekend finishing up my projects with the February "Blue Skies" kit. They have to be emailed to Jamie by the 3rd and I certainly don't want the idea of having to finish up projects looming while in California. Got to get stuff for my peeps squared away so they can survive on their own while I'm gone and then I need to decide what I want to pack. I will be happy to leave the heavy coat, scarves, and gloves in New Jersey!

Besides seeing all the great crafting stuff at CHA I'm excited to spend time with Jamie, Lisa and I finally get to meet Sarah...yay! She is filling in for Susie this year who is off on her own adventure in India. Also I get to meet another CC DT member, Robyn! She will be there with Imaginesce, but is going to hang with us a bit.

Well not sure if I will blog again before CHA, but I will probably post something while we are there. Don't forget if you are looking for something to do this weekend Coordinates Collections is having their Winter Cyber Crop. Some fun challenges, games, and of course there will be prizes.

Monday, January 17, 2011

{3 day weekend}

I went back to work last day, just to check to see what had piled up on my desk. A co-worker gave me a book she just finished and I dove into it Friday afternoon when I got home. I read all night (barely coming up for air) and then it took me another 2 hours early Satrurday morning.

It was a good easy read. About two little girls meeting one summer...their adventures and underlying family issues. I love a book that keeps me sucked in for the entire time. This is also a good reason why I either get books out of the library or share with friends...once I get sucked in there is no stopping me until I've finished it. The rest of the day Saturday was spent doing those errands I wanted to get done last Saturday & I also had to take B to get her eyes examined...she was complaining about not being able to see at school. Big prescription change !!

Sunday afternoon I finished up the layout I started on Thursday and then began thinking about my next layout. This morning I put my ideas to paper and finished up a 2nd layout with the "Blue Skies" kit. Do you ever get sucked into a style/technique when you are creating? Last month 2 of my projects had hand drawn frames on the background cardstock...this month it's outlining. Here's some pieces for today's layout...

See how the paper pieces are outlined in brown pen! Did the same thing with some of the pieces on that first layout. Hmmm....will have to ponder this.

I've also had a little idea brewing for quite sometime now and have been saving up wine corks for it. This morning I decided to see how close I was to my plan and to see if I still liked the idea...

I have a plan to make these framed decor items to hang in the kitchen. I just loosely laid out what I have saved up in a frame I had picked up a while ago on sale (not necessarily the frame I'm going to use). I think I'm going to proceed with this idea, but I do have a complaint. I do not like the "plastic" wine corks...they do not look right in this I couldn't use any of them. It seems though that a lot of vineyards are switching to these "corks" least a lot of the wines I've had lately. I guess I will have to change up and try some new wines to see if I can find more "real" corks.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I survived

I will not deny that there was pain involved. Tears were shed on Monday between the time that anesthesia was wearing off and the time I got home and took one of the prescription pain killers that we had to stop and get at the pharmacy. Ummm...why couldn't they drug me before I left? I think I spent the rest of Monday and into Tuesday morning drugged, iced, and a sleep.

Lots of soft foods this week...applesauce, greek yogurt, pureed sweet potatoes, pudding. At thos point I think I'm fantasizing about eating something crunchy. (Why would someone sit next to me on the sofa yesterday eating nacho chips?...yes it did happen and I finally asked them to stop or leave the room)

Today I haven't taken any pain meds, my bottom jaw just feels bruised. I actually ventured into the scrap room this morning and started on a layout with the Blue Skies kit (must be feeling like myself). On Sunday I printed out the pictures, but never sat down to work with it.

Here's a little peek...
I still have to glue it all down and add the journaling, but it's a start. Taking a break now for lunch I have some yummy sweet potatoes warming in the microwave.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I got it all cleaned and somewhat organized

I guess it was a good thing it snowed and ruined my plans because I did manage to get it all cleaned up and even had time to waste on the computer too. I don't think I ever gave you a tour, so since it's all clean I'll let you have a little peek...

This is an antique bench table (it actually came from the farm kitchen where my mother was raised and it was used in various places in my childhood it's mine) The back piece folds down making a 32x48" work surface. It nearly takes up all the floor space, but if I need to spread out it's good. Most of the time I keep it in "bench mode". The seat lid lifts up and I store some xyron refills and a few other oddities that I don't need to get at on a regular basis. Yes, the whole thing is sitting on a towel, but it makes it easier(and I won't scratch the floor) to move out to open. On top I have my xyron, paper trimmer, and my PCC album and papers. While organizing I placed my papers and embellies I picked up specifically for this project into a Cropper Hopper paper folder. I figured it would keep the basics handy when doing my monthly pages. Next to and underneath I have albums and a few photo storage boxes (my pre-digi days)

This shelving unit is tucked into the corner. Here is where I store my papers and stickers. I've sorted most papers my manufacturer as well as stickers too. They are all placed in Cropper Hopper folders & paper holders. The bottom shelf has some old albums and a basket full of idea books. There is also a small basket containing empty mini albums (you never know when you may need one) and another basket holds some sheets of canvas, cork, and a few small album kits.

The clean desk/work area. I know I've shown you how the drawers are organized so I won't go into that again. Underneath I have my printer on a rolling cart with drawers. In the drawers I store ink, photo paper, regular paper, and page protectors. There is also a small bin under there where I store cardstock scraps.

On one side of the closet I have added storage cubes with drawers, a small plastic "tool" container and a few bins. In the storage cube I have drawers for stamps (acrylic & wooden) Another small drawer has a bunch of Heidi Swapp stuff (I went on a craze with her stuff a few years ago, but I still use some here and there). Then in the big dedicated just to Thickers ( it's over flowing right now), one for chipboard shapes, another for other chipboard alphas, then the bottom drawer holds cards of trims, felt shapes and other "fabric" type embellishments.

That's it a quick tour of my space.

Now it's a good thing I got it all cleaned up because look what came yesterday while I was cleaning....

A nice big box of scrappy goodness. I got my February "Blue Skies" kit and some addons for the kit as well as my PCC project. I think I might just try to find some great pictures to go with this kit this afternoon, then I can get my scrappy mojo going.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Such great plans for today...

...drop Fritz off at a local hunting lodge with scouts(spending the weekend), drive to Ocean City for a kettle bell/TRX class, home change, go to get new dance tights for Becca(somehow she's gone through 3 pairs this year, that never happens. defective tights???), swing out to DSW to pick up a pair of shoes I want, stop on way home and get groceries. Sounds like a productive day right? started snowing about 7:30 am! Driving out to drop off for scouts was a nightmare. Roads haven't been plowed yet, had to detour because of a "head on accident". What should have been a 30 minute round trip was a 1hr 15min. So I'm not attempting to go anywhere else. Maybe tomorrow.

This is the view out my scraproom window right now...

You can barely tell I drove in the driveway about an hour ago. They are calling for approx. 6", so nothing like the Christmas storm. I should be able to get some errands done tomorrow.

Since I'm cooped up indoors today, maybe it will prompt me to tackle this...

It's a disaster! I think the last two months of kit scraps are laying there and what I pulled out to start on my PCC project. Behind this on the chair are some left over stuffs from Christmas wrapping/packing. Ugh, but it's got to be done and no time like the present right?

Speaking of kits, here's my favorite layout from the January "Sleigh Ride" kit.

Back to my productive day all needs to get done because I will be out of commission for the beginning of next week. Monday morning I'm having all 4 of my wisdom teeth extracted. Three of them are in and one is impacted. The reason I'm finally having this done is that one of the teeth now has a cavity in it. According to the oral surgeon both that tooth and the impacted one should be causing me lots of pain, but knock wood I'm not in any. However, I think this may change next week. Since I'm "older" and according to the surgeon these teeth should have been removed 20 years ago; the roots are quite developed and it may be a bit more painful than normal for my recovery. So I'm thinking pain meds, soft pureed foods, and no working out next week for me.

Okay I've wasted enough time on here for now. I'm sure I'll take a break from cleaning up this mess and waste more time here later.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year & a little PCC update...

A new year, a fresh start... resolutions to be made and broken? I'm not making any myself but I have a goal to continue what I started this fall...taking care of ME. This doesn't mean neglecting my family, but if I take time for seems to benefit everyone. I feel better, I'm happier...I notice a change (and just not the 2 pants sizes either) I wonder if they do too(mentally that is)? I will admit this is easier for me to do now, because the kids can be left by themselves for an hour or two while I attend a workout, get a haircut, etc. Also looking forward to travels (California & Florida and whatever else may pop up this year)

So today I was going through the papers in the Project Calendar Collections starter kit and found this quote... "Warning: Dates on calendar are closer than they appear". This quote was made for me. At work I'm always scheduling things out several weeks in advance; which leads me to think everything in my life is weeks in advance. Next thing I know its an anniversary or birthday and I haven't prepared. Now if you tell me "tomorrow is..." or "next Saturday is..." I can totally get it and can have all my ducks in a row. I think that quote ought to be my "quote" for the year...a little personal mantra.

On that note I have some PCC updates to share that didn't make it into today's post on the Coordinates Collections blog. First is the cover of my album...

I started with the Pink Paislee 6x12 Artisan album that I picked up in the CC store. I began by misting the cover with "Denim" glimmer mist by Tattered Angels. I then cut,frayed and stitched a piece of printed canvas to use as a base for my title collage. The collage consist of some stuff from my stash (Donna Downey canvas tree(inked/misted); tag,diecut,&chipboard frame by Creative Cafe; & a button) and then I added a sticker from the main kit.

Now my title page...

The page is made up of papers from the main kit(the Live Life block was mounted with foam tape to make it "pop"). To it I added a Pink Paislee pleated ribbon along the bottom, some Pink Paislee whimsy letter stickers and then some fabric Thickers. I adhered this page directly to one of the chipboard sheets included with the album. (I will not put this in a page protector)

That's where I stand with the project right now. Are you playing along too? There is now a special gallery over at Coordinates Collections just for PCC projects. Off to upload these now.