Saturday, January 8, 2011

Such great plans for today...

...drop Fritz off at a local hunting lodge with scouts(spending the weekend), drive to Ocean City for a kettle bell/TRX class, home change, go to get new dance tights for Becca(somehow she's gone through 3 pairs this year, that never happens. defective tights???), swing out to DSW to pick up a pair of shoes I want, stop on way home and get groceries. Sounds like a productive day right? started snowing about 7:30 am! Driving out to drop off for scouts was a nightmare. Roads haven't been plowed yet, had to detour because of a "head on accident". What should have been a 30 minute round trip was a 1hr 15min. So I'm not attempting to go anywhere else. Maybe tomorrow.

This is the view out my scraproom window right now...

You can barely tell I drove in the driveway about an hour ago. They are calling for approx. 6", so nothing like the Christmas storm. I should be able to get some errands done tomorrow.

Since I'm cooped up indoors today, maybe it will prompt me to tackle this...

It's a disaster! I think the last two months of kit scraps are laying there and what I pulled out to start on my PCC project. Behind this on the chair are some left over stuffs from Christmas wrapping/packing. Ugh, but it's got to be done and no time like the present right?

Speaking of kits, here's my favorite layout from the January "Sleigh Ride" kit.

Back to my productive day all needs to get done because I will be out of commission for the beginning of next week. Monday morning I'm having all 4 of my wisdom teeth extracted. Three of them are in and one is impacted. The reason I'm finally having this done is that one of the teeth now has a cavity in it. According to the oral surgeon both that tooth and the impacted one should be causing me lots of pain, but knock wood I'm not in any. However, I think this may change next week. Since I'm "older" and according to the surgeon these teeth should have been removed 20 years ago; the roots are quite developed and it may be a bit more painful than normal for my recovery. So I'm thinking pain meds, soft pureed foods, and no working out next week for me.

Okay I've wasted enough time on here for now. I'm sure I'll take a break from cleaning up this mess and waste more time here later.


Lisa Cole said...

PHew! Okay:
1) the snow is gorgeous, but I wouldn't want to drive in it either

2) Your scraproom looks perfect to me :)

3) that was my favorite layout of yours this month too!

4) Seriously?!? Have you asked him if you'll be able to fly okay in a few weeks? Some doctors say not to because of the clotting that needs to occur in those gaping holes they're going to create... ASK ASK ASK!!

and pick up a lot of movies since you'll be down for awhile... I wish I was there to bring you some soup or a smoothie.

scrappysue said...

I have to admit, I absolutely adore snow, but I don't have to live in it and that is totally different. Glad that you managed your trip safely, hope Fritz enjoyed his scouts!

And wow, I totally love your LO, I might just have to scraplift it (wish I'd picked up that kit from CC).

Sorry to hear about the wisdom teeth; I still have all mine at the age of 50. That's if I even have any. No problems here; I do wonder why we grow teeth, only to have to have them taken out??!! Wishing you all the best. x