Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I must confess

that I have a little addiction. I was cleaning up the mess I made this weekend finishing up my projects for Coordinates Collections and I came upon this realization that I am addicted to these little buggers...

I had pulled a few of the packages out while working on this months projects and in putting them away...I realized I had a little "habit" going on. :wink: Oh and Sarah if you're reading are SO right those green ones are the best! I have used them on many layouts including one of this months projects. Then I actually tried to use them on a 2nd LO this month and didn't have the right letters!!!!! If you only lived closer and weren't galavanting around the Pacific Northwest I would have been raiding your stash.

So I can now add this to my list of addictions brought on by this hobby.....

1. Bazzill Kraft Cardstock

2. Doodlebug Loopy Lou letter Stickers

3. Anything that starts with Pink and ends with Paislee

....and the list could go on and on but I won't bore you with my addictions.

Well I sent off my projects last night via email and chose my July kit. Jamie has sneeks of the kits and addons posted on her blog. Here's the kit I chose....

The kit name is "Sunny Days"...doesn't it look fun? This is only the sneek peek of the kit, so there is actually a little more fun stuff included. I can't wait to see this box on my doorstep in a few weeks! You see those awesome "Loopy Lou's" (another addiction...which helped me to pick this kit over the other this month)

Well speaking of Doodlebug I hear some has arrived at the Scrapbook Cafe. I haven't been to the store in almost a month. I want to try to get up there this weekend to see what's new and I'm sure there is a DT project to pick up.

Monday, May 26, 2008

It's been over a week since I blogged

and nothing overly exciting has happened in that time. It is nice to have a 3 day weekend...especially since the weather has been absolutley gorgeous for the last 4 days! Instead of scrapping I've been spending a lot of time outdoors...just soaking up the fresh air & sunshine. We haven't bothered to go over to the beach since I've heard the island is absolutely mobbed (gee work will be fun tomorrow....NOT!) Anyway here's where I've been spending a good deal of my time.

I took this picture just this morning. See that loveseat over along the fence? That's where I've been having my morning coffee and reading the paper. It's in the sun, but not too intense early in the morning. The patio between the pool and deck are new this year and we absolutely love it! Before you came off the deck onto some poor excuse for grass then had to open a gate and go into the pool area. Now that the kids are older and know how to swim we decided to take down the fence and do the patio. Did I mention that I love it??? Maybe next year I'll invest in some new cushions/umbrellas so everything matches better, but for now this is my oasis.

So I've been forcing myself to come in and work on my projects...I have ideas, but I can't seem to leave my oasis to go in and scrap. I did finish up another DT project this morning after my coffee and printed out pictures for another. Speaking of pictures here's a couple more from Disney....

hmmm...I found this last picture on my point and shoot camera. I think someone was proud of the fact that she finally talked me into buying a pair of Disney Crocs, what do you think? When I questioned her about it she told me she took it so I could make her a scrapbook page for her album. Already taking pictures and thinking like a scrapper.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

So it rained again

but I was productive anyway. The day started out great...I even had my morning coffee outside on the patio. However by lunch time the rained had moved in. It was a nice light rain/sprinkles for most of the afternoon so I continued to work outside. Since my return from Florida I've been itching to get my hands dirty :wink:. Over the last 2 weekends I purchased a couple of flats of flowers and a few perennials. I managed to do some more weeding and planted and or potted almost everything. I can't wait to see it all fill in.

So I did start a scrappy project last night and finished it up late this afternoon. I can only share a little peek...since it's one of my sponsor projects for June over at Coordinates Collections. The peek I'm showing has some product by a few different manufacturers. Which one is this months sponsor???

So anyway in the back of my mind I've been trying to figure out what I'm going to do for this weeks Saturday Night Challenge. Even though I'm not much of a journaler, that's not what is stumping me. It's coming up with my design and only using 1 embellishment. So still thinking on this...maybe one more nights sleep. How are the rest of you doing on yours?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Just a quick note

It's such a beautiful day here...they seem to rare lately. Thankfully the sun is shining since the "boys" are on a scout camping trip all weekend and the "girls" are headed to an outdoor birthday party this afternoon, for my niece. That's how Becca refers to us ("boys"/"girls") when the family splits up doing our various activities. Was just talking about this yesterday at coworkers thought it was so cute.

Anywho, last night we just watched a Disney movie together, then after she went to bed I caught up on some shows that were DVR'd earlier in the week. Tonight I plan on starting some scrappy projects (hopefully) don't forget the Saturday Night Challenge over on Pat's blog, it will be posted at 8pm. I can say it will be a layout.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I was not alone

in not getting the Saturday Night Challenge complete this week. Pat posted an update on her blog that quite a few of us had come up short on time; so it was extended. (Yay!) After reading this I headed up to the scraproom and finished mine up. It's not exactly as I pictured, but I think it makes a pretty nifty gift bag.

What was best about this template. I just wrapped a sheet of pattern paper into a cone shape and ran glue down the seam. Trimmed off the top (actually I slighly squished my cone and slid it into my paper trimmer & sliced off the top), punched a hole in either side, and threaded ribbon through the holes. Viola! a basic cone shaped easy-peasy could that be? I stamped the birthday sentiment on plain white cardstock, using Colorbox "Moss Green", then trimmed into the oval shape. To jazz this up a bit I applied dots of green "Stickles" around the edge. I then mounted this on to another piece of pattern paper trimmed into the "label holder" shape. To embellish I added a Prima flower with a Basic Grey Glazed brad in the center.
The brad and pattern paper are from Basic Grey's "Sultry" line available now at the Scrapbook Cafe. So that's it challenge complete....finally!

On other news... I had snapped a few pictures with my point and shoot on the way to work. (Since I remembered I had it in the bag I was carrying) Some of the streets were still flooded 12+ hours after the storm and I thought I'd share. Plus I still had pictures to download from the Mother's Day Dance program and still some Disney pictures to get downloaded and properly filed away. So off I went to get some pics to share with you tonight. Where are they you might ask??? Well my point and shoot requires an adapter for the memory stick...guess what I can't find??? Grrrrrrr!

I had good intentions.

I read the directions for this weeks challenge on Sunday and came up with an idea. We spent most of the day on sunday outside...planting flowers and cleaning up the yard. So after dinner I went up to my scraproom for a bit. I decided to use the new BG Sultry papers to make my gift bag. After cutting and forming the basic shape, I put the kids to bed and headed downstairs to watch the hockey game with DH. I thought I'd finish up the container after work on Monday...WRONG!
A little Nor'easter decided to showup. About 9:30am a tree came crashing into our house, luckily it's fall was broken by another tree. At this point it appears that the gutters will need to be replaced. ( It will have to be inspected more closely today.) Then around 11am we lost power...I was at work while all this was happening but conditions weren't much better in OC. The building was intermittenly running on generator, the one bridge on/off the island was already closed and the schools on the island dismissed at noon to get everyone home before hightide. About 3pm I was told to go home since the other 2 bridges were mostly going to be closed. As it was the bridge I used had water across the approach, but it was passable. I managed to get home just before the kids and by then the wind had blown the tree pretty much out of the other tree and onto the ground. Still no power. Lot's of candles were pulled out and a fire started in the fireplace...inital estimates were we wouldn't have power until 8am Tuesday morning. Dinner consisted of hotdogs roasted in the fireplace and we played lot's of boardgames by candle light (oh and luckily the kids DS were charged so they could play them). finally just before 9pm we got power back and about 1/2 hour later we had cable too...back to the modern world.

During this whole mess I got my monthly package from CC, briefly looked at it in the daylight and safely tucked it away. As much as I wanted to scrap... I didn't think scrapping by candlelight would be a good idea. I had visions of some of my supplies going up in flames! By the time the power did come and I cleaned up our messes I was just too tired to scrap!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I'm baaacccck....................!

and yes it was magical just like every other time.

We got home last night and so far I have unpacked, done some laundry, downloaded pictures off of one camera (probably will get to the other one tomorrow night) and them I had to go to work today...welcome back to reality! Here is my favorite picture from the camera I did download to my computer.

an early morning shot of the monorail and flowers at Epcot. speaking of Epcot, the International Flower Show was AMAZING! I've got tons of pictures of the topiaries and flowers (there will be a whole album devoted to this...when I can fit it in) but for now here is one of the fabulous topiaries done by Disney....

isn't it just amazing? I'll try to post a few more of my favorites over the weekend.

All this inspiration has really put me in the gardening mood ( I just love flowers). Hopefully this weekend I can get some containers planted on the new patio and around the pool area.

In scrappy news I'm totally excited to be a sponsor girl (no kit this month, just product from the sponsor company) over at Coordinates Collections for the month of June! I'm not sure I can reveal who June's sponsor will be yet, but I can't wait to start creating with this manufacturers stuff...they have such great products!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy NSD!!!!

too bad I'll be traveling today...can't be checking out all the sites have fun NSD stuff going on.

Anyway, don't forget the Saturday night challenge over on Pat's blog. It will posted at 8pm tonight and in honor of will be a layout. I'm not playing this week either (starting withdraw symptoms here) since I'm out of town until Wednesday night.

Well have a great and hopefully fun,scrappy weekend. I'll be posting again later in the week.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy May Day!!!

it's the 1st of the month....

let's see:

1. Big reveal day over at Coordinates Collections

2. April is FINALLY over! (I was feeling so Over extended)

3. It's my birthday in a few DD's, sister's, a niece's and a nephew's fall this month too.

4. And last, but not least in 2 days I will be in WDW!!!!!!

Can't wait to unwind and soak up some Florida sunshine! Hopefully I'll come home refreshed and relaxed. Right now trying to finish up some laundry so tomorrow after work I can pack up our suitcases.

For now I'll leave you with a project from the fabulous "Celebration" kit over at CC.

Pattern papers are from the BG cupcake line; Bazzill cardstock; assorted AC brads(some from the kit, some from my stash) I made the photo collage in PSE and diecut the number "10" then blinged them out with some green "Stickles".

The rest of my projects are up over at CC either in the "gallery" or in the "kit ideas".