Thursday, August 27, 2009

another good mail day

Yay! I really needed it today...I had a really bad day at work (fixing a major mistake created by someone will require my attention for the next couple of days...ugh!) When I came home and saw this sitting on the front porch I actually smiled.

Remember after my last happy mail day I mentioned I was a winner on another blog??? Well I won the prize on the Creative Cafe blog during CHA. A big thank you to all who went and posted for me on their blog...especially to my sister who started a "movement" on my behalf. Anyway I won the photo journal kit from the class they were offering at CHA. Here's a picture...

After I get done with this post I'm going to sit down and read the instructions.

Then in addition to the kit, they sent me some more goodies....

Some papers, die cut sheets, and look at those bags they are chock full of buttons, chipboard, binder rings, tags and felt pieces!!! THANK YOU CREATIVE CAFE!!!!

So after delving into my prize package...I picked up my paint brush and have been creating/destressing all night. The wallart is now finished and drying on my kitchen table...

I decided to use the little gems as accents on the pink circles. Hoping to hang it either tomorrow night or over the weekend and then I will post a picture of it hanging...I think it's going to look great on her pink walls.

Talk later.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

{in progress}

I am creating wall art this week for Becca's new room and it is a work in progress.

Here's a picture of my kitchen table right now (good thing I'm home alone)

If you look across the table you will see the pillowcase that I am using for my inspiration. The walls in her room are the medium shade of pink from the pillow case. The trim and all furniture is white. Her comforter is the dark shade of pink and reverses to orange and her sheet sets are either striped or polka dot (I bought extra set of the polka dot to recover a chair in her room (a winter project for sure))

So I started my project with 2 18x20" canvases. I then began to layout circles on the canvases in pencil. (Since I am going to hang side by side I thought it would be fun to overlap the circles across both canvases) While browsing thru AC Moore I saw packages of little round mirrors in different sizes...why not add some bling to the canvas??? I also picked up some smaller colored rhinestone/crystals (not sure if I am going to use them)

Right now I am roughly blocking in colors and deciding where to position the mirrors.
Here's a closer view...

(that's a bit of shadow from the light hanging above the table...sorry)

So I'm a creating while listening to the baseball game.

Hope all is well with everyone!

Monday, August 24, 2009

a mini vacation (sort of)

That's what I'm calling this week. No I haven't gone anywhere exciting, but I am on vacation from being a Mom & a Wife. Yes, my peeps have left me at home this week. They left at 5am this morning for a flight to Myrtle Beach SC to visit Grandmom. (Due to the demands of work...I can not take time off in July & August) So here I am at home. After a quick stop at the grocery store on the way home, I came right in and got to work priming the walls of my scrapbook room. There was no way the paint color I'm going to use was going to cover what was on the walls. (Bright green & white with multicolored flowers and butterflies painted around the room).

So now that is all finished (very, very stinky....I have the window wide open in that room & the door closed so it doesn't spread) I popped a crabcake (I treated myself) in the broiler and made a big salad for my dinner and since I'm home alone I got some pickled beets at the store too. (Nobody likes them but me) Dinner is looking delish! Now what to do for the rest of the evening??? Maybe write my DT project blurbs for the newsletter and come up with an idea for the monthly contest.

Hopefully tomorrow when I get home I can take pictures of the rest of my projects and maybe I will post a peek. Did you see the previews of the October kits on the Coordinates Collections blog??? I'm last to pick this month so I probably won't have a choice, but either is good with me.

Okay...totally rambling now...must stop and eat. (or maybe it's the paint fumes)
Happy Monday to you all.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Mail day!

It seems to be a good day for everyone mail wise ( yes... you Sue & the new goodies that arrived at the Scrapbook Cafe) I came home to 3 packages waiting for me. One from Target (finding time to get there plus the weekend shore traffic has detered me from making the trip), another from Country Curtains containing the valance for my scrapbook room, and a little prize from my friends at October Afternoon.

I won a contest on their blog a week ago for a set of OA stamps. They arrived today with a bonus set of letter stickers. Yes Lisa THESE ARE the stickers to be used :wink: I LOVE them!
Can't wait to find time to play with the stamps. Thank you October Afternoon!

I'm also waiting "patiently" for a prize package from another blog. I will definitely post a picture when that arrives.

Talk later.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

It was so stinkin hot

on the soccer fields this weekend. Let's see about 95 degrees and 95% humidity and hardly a breeze to be found! I spent the entire day 7am to 7pm at the fields yesterday (we did manage to sneak home for about 1 1/2 hrs in the middle of the day). Then today we spent just 1/2 a day!

Fritz's team has not practiced together since May and it showed 1 win & 3 loses!

I'm sure the heat & humidity didn't help either. This is a picture from the early game yesterday morning. He's #14 crashing the goal as the ball is being shot by a teammate.

Then this was my baby's debut into the competitive soccer world. Unfortunately there were no other U9 teams registered so they played up against U10 teams. There were no wins, but the girls seemed to have fun anyway. Can't wait to see what they do during the season when they play at the correct level.

At the u9/U10 level they had no championship games.

Everyone was acknowledge for coming out and playing by getting a medal. (It has been worn all day with the exception of going in the pool)

Now I was totally klutzy today and managed to injure myself.

While walking back to the car after Becca's game, I stepped off the roadway into the field where my car was parked and hidden by some over grown weeds was a small hole. Down I went twisting my ankle that went into the hole and scraping my other knee on the asphalt of the road. I managed to get my embarrassed self together and into the car. By the time I drove over to the complex where Fritz was playing his game I had a nice stream of blood running down my knee and I could feel my ankle tightening around my sneaker. Luckily Dan was there with a rescue truck watching Fritz's game. He washed out my cut and put a bandage on my knee just before his pager went off for a real call. I'm now sitting here at home with a very swollen ankle elevated and icing. I know tomorrow it's going to feel "real good" when I get up to go to work. :wink:

Well with all this going on I haven't done much more scrapping wise. I have a 3rd layout started and plans for a 4th this week. Stay tuned.

Hope you all have had a fun safe weekend!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


So totally inspired by this kit. When I first laid eyes on the BoBunny Mango Luau line I pretty much told Jamie that we had to use some of it in a kit (but basically we all agreed it would be a hit) so after polling us for a few key pieces...she went ahead and created a fabulous kit!

I did a layout last night and another today.

Here's a little peek at what I did today...

The silk flowers are from the Mango Luau collection and are available as an addon in the Coordinates Collection store this month. (The little pointed chipboard under the button on the orange flower is from my stash and you can see the tops of some brown chipboard thickers that I added) Otherwise everything you see is from the main kit.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


for lack of a better title!

So this arrived in the mail today...

it's the "Beach Bum" kit from Coordinates Collections. Look closely at the you see them??? Number sprouts from Jillibean Soup!!! WooHoo! Along with the kit I picked up quite a few of this months addons...Kaiser Pearls, Bazzill Just the Edge, BoBunny Chipboard Swirls & Brackets, BoBunny Mango Luau flowers, and the pattern paper addon pack for this kit. I know I have some great pictures from last weekend that will look fabulous with this kit.

So today we've been to soccer practice, I've done the grocery shopping, made reservations in PA for the hotel we'll be staying at for the Columbus Day Soccer Tournament (it will be here before I know it), booked the dog into the kennel for said weekend, and now when I try to take a little time to relax by the pool the clouds decide to roll in. (go figure!) I guess now it's time to pull out my goodies and get inspired to create my projects.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

a good day was had by all

I type this as the rain begins to fall here in NJ....however, yesterday was picture perfect.

We had a great time with family that were here visiting from Montana. We spent the morning at the beach splashing in the waves...

hunting for seashells to take back to Montana...

boogie boarding...

building sandcastles and enjoying a picnic lunch. We then went home to spend sometime in the pool while we waited for more family to arrive. Then we went off to the boardwalk to have dinner and enjoy the amusements. Here is a picture from a top the giant Ferris Wheel looking out over the boardwalk, beach and Atlantic Ocean. (Look at all the people still enjoying the beach at 7pm!)

a shot of the girls enjoying the swing ride...

and here's a shot of the kids enjoying some delicious ice cream from a store that both Jason & I worked at while spending our summers here in Ocean City.

I have so many pictures to sort thru and send off to everyone it should keep me busy for sometime.

So it is a new month and I just have to show you my favorite project of the month. Here's the framed wall art I made using products from the Alphabet Soup kit and some of the monthly addons available with this kit over at Coordinates Collections.

and if you've read this far....

(a little card made from the kit also)

I hope you all have had a good weekend...we certainly enjoyed ours.