Sunday, August 16, 2009

It was so stinkin hot

on the soccer fields this weekend. Let's see about 95 degrees and 95% humidity and hardly a breeze to be found! I spent the entire day 7am to 7pm at the fields yesterday (we did manage to sneak home for about 1 1/2 hrs in the middle of the day). Then today we spent just 1/2 a day!

Fritz's team has not practiced together since May and it showed 1 win & 3 loses!

I'm sure the heat & humidity didn't help either. This is a picture from the early game yesterday morning. He's #14 crashing the goal as the ball is being shot by a teammate.

Then this was my baby's debut into the competitive soccer world. Unfortunately there were no other U9 teams registered so they played up against U10 teams. There were no wins, but the girls seemed to have fun anyway. Can't wait to see what they do during the season when they play at the correct level.

At the u9/U10 level they had no championship games.

Everyone was acknowledge for coming out and playing by getting a medal. (It has been worn all day with the exception of going in the pool)

Now I was totally klutzy today and managed to injure myself.

While walking back to the car after Becca's game, I stepped off the roadway into the field where my car was parked and hidden by some over grown weeds was a small hole. Down I went twisting my ankle that went into the hole and scraping my other knee on the asphalt of the road. I managed to get my embarrassed self together and into the car. By the time I drove over to the complex where Fritz was playing his game I had a nice stream of blood running down my knee and I could feel my ankle tightening around my sneaker. Luckily Dan was there with a rescue truck watching Fritz's game. He washed out my cut and put a bandage on my knee just before his pager went off for a real call. I'm now sitting here at home with a very swollen ankle elevated and icing. I know tomorrow it's going to feel "real good" when I get up to go to work. :wink:

Well with all this going on I haven't done much more scrapping wise. I have a 3rd layout started and plans for a 4th this week. Stay tuned.

Hope you all have had a fun safe weekend!


Lisa Cole said...

Oh Jen! I feel your twisted ankle pain!! A year later and I still have problems with mine. You're doing the right thing, elevate and ice.

Love the pics of F & B playing this weekend... can't wait for the fall weather to come! Fall + Soccer = Heaven :)

scrappysue said...

Well Jen I certainly have sympathy with football in those temperatures! Very hard for the kids though. Sorry to hear about your ankle, get plenty of rest!