Friday, May 29, 2009


That's how I spent most of the day.

I took the day off today since the kids had off due to a teacher in-service day. Woke up to a dreary morning and I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the projects I've got on my to do list that just haven't gotten done lately.

I finally decided to bite the bullet and tackle the biggest project on the list. You see a few months ago we all decided that the playroom really wasn't getting used that much as is. So we are doing a little shuffling and redecorating. Fritz will be moving into the old playroom and Becca will be getting Fritz's old room. This is good because her room is on the small side and the girl has collected some stuff! Even though we are planning a major "tossing" when we move her room I'm sure she'll only collect more "stuff" in the future.

Now last spring I redid Fritz's I'm just recreating the look in his "new" room and he is okay with that. Today I put one coat on all the walls. Hopefully I can have this room done by the end of the weekend. Then I can move on to doing a new room for Becca...we already have the sheet set. Just have to get new carpeting and pick a paint color.

After everyone is settled into their new rooms I will have an empty know where this is heading don't you???

Yes finally it will be mine! This valance will be my color inspiration...

I plan on painting the walls the same shade of green as in the valance. Then I will be pulling the other colors as accents. We will be putting one of those "sleeper" chairs in the room. It's like a chair and a half that has a twin bed that pulls out...that way it can double as a guest room when needed.

I figure I will be working on this project most of the summer. Stay tuned for up dates.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Some pictures & the last peek

So here they are some pictures from the weekend tournament...

Our first game on Saturday morning was played on a very nice artificial turf field. It made for a faster game...but the downside was the heat coming off of that surface! It was really, really hot and for most of the boys on the team this was their first experience on an artificial surface outside. We ended up winning this game...yay!

We then drove to another location for the second game of the day...parking here was horrific. Way to many games going on for the amount of parking available.

Here's a picture from one of Sunday's games...

and this one I just like for the perspective...

We played 4 different "premier" teams in this tournament(one even from NY). The coach elected to play in this level so the boys would have to try to play up to this higher level. It was very tough and quite the learning experience. We ended up losing the other 3 games. The boys also learned a lot about team did not play very nicely at all. Players were yellow carded for bad behavior. In my opinion laughing at injuries really should have been a red card.

Okay enough about soccer. Today I was home. After baking a birthday cake, doing some light house cleaning, and the much needed laundry I was able to complete my DT projects. Here's one more peek for you.

Sorry it's a bit fuzzy! Some Stickles again on the flower, used some Bazzill Edges in Black, and one of the Creative Cafe Circle Stickers (the edges & sticker were available as monthly addons) Even with this busy month I got 4 layouts & 2 cards done with the fabulous Caribbean Breeze kit over at Coordinates Collections.

Well that's about all for now.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


So I'm still working with the fabulous "Caribbean Breeze" kit over at Coordinates Collections. In the kit is this great piece of paper from Jillibean Soup...

"fresh raspberries" isn't that a great name? Well you know me and my cutwork...I decided to cut out some of those butterflies to make some embellishments for a layout. Here's a peek at the 3 butterflies I'm using on this layout (omg...I did a 2 pager!)

On this butterfly I added some green "stickles" to some of the dots and then I used pink Kaiser rhinestones for the body.

Butterfly #2 is a combo of markers and some pink "Stickles".

and butterfly #3 gives you a little bit more of a peek at the layout itself. On this butterfly I used a very pale pink marker and green Kaiser pearls for the body. Sorry the background colors are not quite as bright as they should be. The layout base is actually white cardstock, but seeing that I was working with very little sunlight and I was really just trying to get some closeups of the butterflies I guess it doesn't matter for now.

I really want to get one more layout and a card done with this kit...we'll see how the time management goes.:wink:

Sorry I've been a bit MIA on the blog lately...kinda busy around here. Night practice for band concert, dance recital coming soon, scouts, & soccer. This weekend is devoted entirely to soccer. We have a tournament so we'll be driving about 1 1/2 hrs each way in the holiday traffic everyday. 2 games Saturday, 2 on Sunday (the 1st is at 8:30 am...I guess we'll be getting up bright and early) and then if we make it into the finals we'll play for the championship on Monday. Oh and besides soccer it is also Becca's birthday on Monday. Busy, busy that's what it's been lately.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Are you ready for some peeks ???

Finally found some time this week at night (it's been too nice during the day) to get started on the "Caribbean Breeze" kit over at Coordinates Collections. This is one of the June kits available for pre-order now. This kit is a little different from the usual kits at CC because it has no cardstock in the basic kit. Just loads of yummy pattern papers, 2 alphas, and some fun embellishments!

Here's my first peek...

On this layout I had loads of fun pairing bright colors with kraft & white. I really quite happy with the finished project. If you look carefully you can see some of the Jillibean Soup journaling sprouts...yes I am still in love with them (as are a few other members of the DT) I thought they were a perfect add-on since there is other JBS stuff included in the basic kit.

Now on to a peek of the second layout...

On this layout I totally challenged myself to use nothing but the pattern papers in the cardstock! Boy that was hard for me to do...I didn't realize how dependent I was on CS. You can see that I added some "Stickles" to the cut flowers and in the center is an "aqua" brad from American Crafts (the brads are available as a kit add-on this month)

So that's all I can show you for now.
Got another layout idea and some card ideas brewing; just maybe there will be more peeks this weekend.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

to all you mother's out there who may be reading my blog.

We were all home today (for once) We managed to get some more yardwork done...I got the veggies planted and a few more perennials added to my flower beds.

This afternoon we were here....

That's my boy moving the ball up the field. He didn't have his best game today, but it is an AWESOME team and they won. We are now officially done the "Spring " season with a record of 6-1-1. The coaches are being kind enough to give us this week off, before practice begins for the Memorial Day Tournament. What am I going to do with my free time????

You will be happy to know I did start my projects with the awesome Caribbean Breeze kit over at Coordinates Collections. There may be some peeks in the near future. :wink:

Saturday, May 9, 2009

2 days in a row...

we have seen this....

ahh...who knew I could get SO excited over seeing bright blue skies & the sunshine! I don't think I could live somewhere that got more days of rain than sun.

Anyway, after a quick vacum and a load of laundry started we went to the local Rescue Squad building...they were having a flower sale/fund raiser.

We picked up a couple of flats and a few sm pots to plant in the containers around the deck/pool. I spent most of the day outside either planting pots or weeding some beds. Tomorrow after a quick visit to a local garden center I'd like to start some veggies.

Also picked up some bright orange Gerber Daisies (they didn't have any pink :( ) Don't they just look so bright and happy?

Well now I'm showered and clean, watching some baseball. If the weather still stays nice we will be off to a minor-league soccer game. It's the home opener for the team that plays in Ocean City (just hope the wind isn't too chilly blowing in off the ocean) they are having a "locals" night tonight, with bands, local restaurants, face painting, etc. Should be a fun night.

I did not start my projects today, I had to be outside. I will start soon I promise.

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Sun is finally shining in NJ!

and what a weird day it's been. (But since the sun is out...I'm not going to complain that much )
The weirdest....I was locked down in my daughter's school! I scheduled my lunch hour late today so I could attend a concert at the Primary School. On the way to the school I noticed an unmarked police car parked in front of the bank (appox 1/2 mile away from the school) then upon parking I noticed the State Police helicopter flying/circling very low over the area. After the concert was finished and they sent the children back to their rooms the principal announced that we couldn't leave...and were to proceed back to the classrooms. So I called work and told them I was stuck at the school. Fortunately, the 2nd grade wing wasn't put under complete lock down....parents could sit/stand in the hallway and talk. Finally about an hour later we were told that we could leave and take our children with us. All the schools were locked down so I didn't have to worry about Fritz (he was locked down in the locker room at his school...which apparently is very cool if your are in the 5th grade :wink:) He finally arrived home about 1/2 hr later than usual. I didn't go back to work (only 1 hr left) so I came home. We found out that the State Police did apprehend the gunman.

Becca's off to a birthday party & Fritz has practice tonight. I may just print out some pictures to get started with my June kit. (I hear the rain may be back tomorrow so it might be a good day to get started on the projects)

Sunday, May 3, 2009


...and I just want to say the end of a vacation is bad enough, but when you leave sunny 90 degree weather and arrive home to gray, rainy, 50 deg just sucks.

Nothing crafty for now, maybe more vacation pics later this week. Off to go chill/surf the net before heading back to the everyday tomorrow.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy May Day!

And I am really enjoying the May flowers! Take a look here...

and here...

Gotta love the International Flower Show at Epcot and it doesn't help that we are having Fabulous weather (I hope I didn't just jinx ourselves).

Anyway speaking of flowers look at this creation which is presently hanging on my front door...

One of the manufacturers included in this months "Lemonade Kit" over at Coordinates Collections is Scribble Scrabble. I had so much fun working with their product. On this wreath project I used some of their diecut flowers and then I cut smaller flowers from the "Bubbly Blooms" pattern paper. To hold the "Welcome" I used 2 journaling sprouts from Jillibean Soup. Then I placed that cute little stamped bird in the nest. Speaking of Scribble Scrabble here is another layout done with their pattern papers included in this months kit...

Now in a previous post I mentioned I was "scared" of a piece of Sass Lass paper that was included in the pattern paper add-on. Then once the kit came I totally used it up! Well here is a look at one of the layouts using that "bold" piece of SassLass. I cut around the pattern making a circle to frame my picture....

and a few cards...

I know it's more than I usually post each month but I just wanted to share. I did one more card and 2 more layouts using materials from this kit and the add-ons available in the store. (You can find them in my gallery over at CC) I was so inspired by this kit. I hope you will be too.

I will leave you with 2 more pictures from our vacation...

Now I'm running back out to the pool to meet up with the family. I think we'll be heading over to the Magic Kingdom in a bit to catch a parade...then I think we'll just be hanging out here at the Boardwalk resort tonight.

Talk later...