Saturday, May 9, 2009

2 days in a row...

we have seen this....

ahh...who knew I could get SO excited over seeing bright blue skies & the sunshine! I don't think I could live somewhere that got more days of rain than sun.

Anyway, after a quick vacum and a load of laundry started we went to the local Rescue Squad building...they were having a flower sale/fund raiser.

We picked up a couple of flats and a few sm pots to plant in the containers around the deck/pool. I spent most of the day outside either planting pots or weeding some beds. Tomorrow after a quick visit to a local garden center I'd like to start some veggies.

Also picked up some bright orange Gerber Daisies (they didn't have any pink :( ) Don't they just look so bright and happy?

Well now I'm showered and clean, watching some baseball. If the weather still stays nice we will be off to a minor-league soccer game. It's the home opener for the team that plays in Ocean City (just hope the wind isn't too chilly blowing in off the ocean) they are having a "locals" night tonight, with bands, local restaurants, face painting, etc. Should be a fun night.

I did not start my projects today, I had to be outside. I will start soon I promise.

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scrappysue said...

What pretty flowers, I do miss having a garden sometimes. Even found weeding quite theraputic! Happy Mothers Day! Sue