Monday, May 25, 2009

Some pictures & the last peek

So here they are some pictures from the weekend tournament...

Our first game on Saturday morning was played on a very nice artificial turf field. It made for a faster game...but the downside was the heat coming off of that surface! It was really, really hot and for most of the boys on the team this was their first experience on an artificial surface outside. We ended up winning this game...yay!

We then drove to another location for the second game of the day...parking here was horrific. Way to many games going on for the amount of parking available.

Here's a picture from one of Sunday's games...

and this one I just like for the perspective...

We played 4 different "premier" teams in this tournament(one even from NY). The coach elected to play in this level so the boys would have to try to play up to this higher level. It was very tough and quite the learning experience. We ended up losing the other 3 games. The boys also learned a lot about team did not play very nicely at all. Players were yellow carded for bad behavior. In my opinion laughing at injuries really should have been a red card.

Okay enough about soccer. Today I was home. After baking a birthday cake, doing some light house cleaning, and the much needed laundry I was able to complete my DT projects. Here's one more peek for you.

Sorry it's a bit fuzzy! Some Stickles again on the flower, used some Bazzill Edges in Black, and one of the Creative Cafe Circle Stickers (the edges & sticker were available as monthly addons) Even with this busy month I got 4 layouts & 2 cards done with the fabulous Caribbean Breeze kit over at Coordinates Collections.

Well that's about all for now.


scrappysue said...

Wow that was a busy weekend, glad your lads team did well, and were not put off by the bad behaviour of others. Sue

Anonymous said...

This pattern is amazing! It reminds me of Akychi spell masters that the symbols back in Egyptian times that they used on the walls to indicate effective and powerful spells.

Have you heard of akychi spells? Your photos reminds me of that and thought to let you know, thanks for the visit.