Friday, May 8, 2009

The Sun is finally shining in NJ!

and what a weird day it's been. (But since the sun is out...I'm not going to complain that much )
The weirdest....I was locked down in my daughter's school! I scheduled my lunch hour late today so I could attend a concert at the Primary School. On the way to the school I noticed an unmarked police car parked in front of the bank (appox 1/2 mile away from the school) then upon parking I noticed the State Police helicopter flying/circling very low over the area. After the concert was finished and they sent the children back to their rooms the principal announced that we couldn't leave...and were to proceed back to the classrooms. So I called work and told them I was stuck at the school. Fortunately, the 2nd grade wing wasn't put under complete lock down....parents could sit/stand in the hallway and talk. Finally about an hour later we were told that we could leave and take our children with us. All the schools were locked down so I didn't have to worry about Fritz (he was locked down in the locker room at his school...which apparently is very cool if your are in the 5th grade :wink:) He finally arrived home about 1/2 hr later than usual. I didn't go back to work (only 1 hr left) so I came home. We found out that the State Police did apprehend the gunman.

Becca's off to a birthday party & Fritz has practice tonight. I may just print out some pictures to get started with my June kit. (I hear the rain may be back tomorrow so it might be a good day to get started on the projects)

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scrappysue said...

Oh my gosh Jen, that would totally freak me out! Glad the sun is shining though; & hope you got your projects started. Sue