Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another peek & a suggestion

Okay so it's the 27th and I have 2 projects complete. Hope to finish up over the weekend but here's another little something for you to ponder...

Now my suggestion? Pick up these canvas flowers from Jillibean Soup and if you are an inker/stamper grab yourself some of the Distress Ink in Rusty Hinge. Neither is listed in the "Festive Feast" add ons, but the collector that I am I had both and pulled them out with this kit. As you can see here I inked those little canvas flowers with the Rusty Hinge ink and then added some buttons from stash.

And just because I feel like sharing with you....I've come to the conclusion that I need my glasses to scrap. I can manage to get by without them during the day, but at night it's another story. I guess it's a combo of being tired and the lighting. (You should have seen me trying to thread the floss in those buttons earlier) I know totally pointless...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend update

To sum it up...lots of soccer very little scrapping and household chores.

I did promise you a peek though and I did mange to get a layout done Saturday morning(while doing some laundry) So here you go...

The tree stamp does not come with the kit (it's by Paper Trey Ink...thanks Lisa). LOVE this kit I just wish I had more time with it! I have another layout started...which I plan on finishing tonight and have an idea spinning for another(maybe tomorrow night).

So like I said...lots of soccer. B had her normal game Saturday ended up a 1-1 tie. Her team is now 4-0-2. Then Sunday morning her team played in a 3v3 Halloween Tournament. They split into 2 groups.

The Piggies and the Dalmatians. The Dalamtians were coached by Cruella and the "mother" dalmatian and of course the Pigs were coached by the Big Bad Wolf.

Here's a closeup of the Pigs. The girls had loads of fun playing this morning. We actually had to leave before the tourney was over so we could get to Fritz's game on time. (of course it was away this weekend) His team won 5-1 and are now 5-1-0 this season.

After his game we went out to a late lunch/early dinner and did a little shopping.
I got myself 2 new shirts and a sweater...all on sale! Got to love a bargain.
I left my house at 8:15am and never got back home until 6pm...longer than a work day for sure.

So there you have it our weekend in a nutshell.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Creative with pumpkins...

In between soccer games this weekend I managed to crank out a little something using these two lovely pumpkins...

and no it didn't involve any carving! So as to not repeat myself you can see all the details here on the Coordinates Collections blog.

Other than that it's been a pretty busy week with very little time for creating. I'm really hoping to spend some more time with my Festive Feast and Just Dessert kits. To this point very little progress has been made...the pressure is now on!

On a more personal note I have been keeping up with my kettle bells class...sometimes managing 2 classes a week and even a little time on the treadmill. Since during the bathroom remodel our scale must have gotten thrown out(and I have yet to buy a new one) I have no idea how many pounds(if any) I have lost; but I can say I notice a difference in how some of my clothes fit. Let's just say they aren't getting tighter :) !

Well that's all I have time for now...hope to have some sneaks from the kits to share soon.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Yep we got home last night from a long weekend of this...

I spent most of the weekend with the boy at his games (4 on Saturday which they won and 2 on Sunday which they lost (one do to some very poor officiating)!!) and DH spent the weekend with Bec at her games (they went 2-2 on Saturday and 1-1 on Sunday) All in all everyone had fun on the field and at the hotel hanging with their friends.

Beth...I'm so sorry I couldnt get to visit you at the store while up in PA...the time just wasn't there and it was tough only having one car and kids at 2 different locations.

I'm now doing laundry, catching up on the computer, and have hopes of breaking into some of those new goodies this afternoon. It is good to be home!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Look what the mailman just brought...

It is making so very HAPPY...yet sad too. Happy because I got both November kits and lots & lots of addons for both, and I picked up some of the Crate "Sew Brads" in the Snow Day line...YUM! SAD because I can't play with any of it until MONDAY!!! No time from now until then...I've got a jam packed weekend starting with tonight.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mid-week update

It's Wednesday and I don't have to go back to work until next Tuesday...isn't that exciting! My first day off since June (besides the two holidays). Not doing anything special just trying to catch up here around the house. (Soccer both days every weekend really takes it's toll) I finally got around to washing all my crystal & china and getting it back in the cabinet. (The cabinet had to be moved when doing our bathroom remodel this summer and my china/crystal has been sitting out in my living room waiting to be put away). Also went to the dentist this morning to start on a crown...had it drilled out, mold made, and a temporary put in.

Have you been over to Coordinates Collections to see all the DT kit ideas using the October kits?
Such great kits and my fellow designers all provide such great inspiration! I had the "Golden Rule" kit this month, which looking at you immediately think "Back to School", but this kit has potential to be so much more. The colors scream fall to me. Here's my favorite project of the month...

It's not "back-to-school" or "fall"...instead I went "sports". All the papers, alpha, and "sew brad" were included in the kit. I added chipboard from the 12x12 Crate Paper Chip sheet and a Jillibean Sprout (Atomic Soup collection); these were both available as addons this month. I'm really digging that curved bottom and red it lots of motion!

Well kids will be home soon, have to get Fritz to practice tonight and the Phillies game starts at 5pm! So I better run and try to get a few more things done here around the house.