Monday, October 11, 2010


Yep we got home last night from a long weekend of this...

I spent most of the weekend with the boy at his games (4 on Saturday which they won and 2 on Sunday which they lost (one do to some very poor officiating)!!) and DH spent the weekend with Bec at her games (they went 2-2 on Saturday and 1-1 on Sunday) All in all everyone had fun on the field and at the hotel hanging with their friends.

Beth...I'm so sorry I couldnt get to visit you at the store while up in PA...the time just wasn't there and it was tough only having one car and kids at 2 different locations.

I'm now doing laundry, catching up on the computer, and have hopes of breaking into some of those new goodies this afternoon. It is good to be home!


Lisa Cole said...

Yay for being home :) Looks like the soccer weather was nice though... despite the officiating <:(

adele holcomb said...

Whew! Makes me tired just thinking about your weekend!