Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend update

To sum it up...lots of soccer very little scrapping and household chores.

I did promise you a peek though and I did mange to get a layout done Saturday morning(while doing some laundry) So here you go...

The tree stamp does not come with the kit (it's by Paper Trey Ink...thanks Lisa). LOVE this kit I just wish I had more time with it! I have another layout started...which I plan on finishing tonight and have an idea spinning for another(maybe tomorrow night).

So like I said...lots of soccer. B had her normal game Saturday ended up a 1-1 tie. Her team is now 4-0-2. Then Sunday morning her team played in a 3v3 Halloween Tournament. They split into 2 groups.

The Piggies and the Dalmatians. The Dalamtians were coached by Cruella and the "mother" dalmatian and of course the Pigs were coached by the Big Bad Wolf.

Here's a closeup of the Pigs. The girls had loads of fun playing this morning. We actually had to leave before the tourney was over so we could get to Fritz's game on time. (of course it was away this weekend) His team won 5-1 and are now 5-1-0 this season.

After his game we went out to a late lunch/early dinner and did a little shopping.
I got myself 2 new shirts and a sweater...all on sale! Got to love a bargain.
I left my house at 8:15am and never got back home until 6pm...longer than a work day for sure.

So there you have it our weekend in a nutshell.


Beth said...

Don't know how you do it all and get scrapping in. I'm sure you MAKE time; which is what I have to do. At least you can cross off watching Phils in World Series off your list. I was so angry on Saturday night. I yelled a bad word at the TV. :)

Love that tag in your sneak!

scrappysue said...

love the piggies outfits, how cute! You always have such busy weekends, must go back to work for a break (i'm sure not, but you know what I mean!).

adele holcomb said...

What a cute tournament idea -- the girls look so cute in their "uniforms"

And I can't wait to see the rest of your project. Love the peek!

Go said...

these are really good pics girls are very pretty.

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