Monday, August 24, 2009

a mini vacation (sort of)

That's what I'm calling this week. No I haven't gone anywhere exciting, but I am on vacation from being a Mom & a Wife. Yes, my peeps have left me at home this week. They left at 5am this morning for a flight to Myrtle Beach SC to visit Grandmom. (Due to the demands of work...I can not take time off in July & August) So here I am at home. After a quick stop at the grocery store on the way home, I came right in and got to work priming the walls of my scrapbook room. There was no way the paint color I'm going to use was going to cover what was on the walls. (Bright green & white with multicolored flowers and butterflies painted around the room).

So now that is all finished (very, very stinky....I have the window wide open in that room & the door closed so it doesn't spread) I popped a crabcake (I treated myself) in the broiler and made a big salad for my dinner and since I'm home alone I got some pickled beets at the store too. (Nobody likes them but me) Dinner is looking delish! Now what to do for the rest of the evening??? Maybe write my DT project blurbs for the newsletter and come up with an idea for the monthly contest.

Hopefully tomorrow when I get home I can take pictures of the rest of my projects and maybe I will post a peek. Did you see the previews of the October kits on the Coordinates Collections blog??? I'm last to pick this month so I probably won't have a choice, but either is good with me.

Okay...totally rambling now...must stop and eat. (or maybe it's the paint fumes)
Happy Monday to you all.


Beth said...

I like vacations like that! What color did you pick for your scrap room? Enjoy your "me" vacation!

NoraAnne said...

Sounds like some fun "me" time! I could pass on the painting since it's my least favorite job, but the results are always worth it :)

scrappysue said...

Sounds like a good excuse to enjoy yourself Jen! I love the look of CC's October kits, reckon I may have to treat myself. Hope to see piccies of the newly painted scrappy room! I still haven't painted mine, we will have moved house before I get round to it at this rate.