Saturday, May 17, 2008

Just a quick note

It's such a beautiful day here...they seem to rare lately. Thankfully the sun is shining since the "boys" are on a scout camping trip all weekend and the "girls" are headed to an outdoor birthday party this afternoon, for my niece. That's how Becca refers to us ("boys"/"girls") when the family splits up doing our various activities. Was just talking about this yesterday at coworkers thought it was so cute.

Anywho, last night we just watched a Disney movie together, then after she went to bed I caught up on some shows that were DVR'd earlier in the week. Tonight I plan on starting some scrappy projects (hopefully) don't forget the Saturday Night Challenge over on Pat's blog, it will be posted at 8pm. I can say it will be a layout.


Beth said...

Hope that the girls and the boys :) have a great weekend! It is adorable that she says that!

Pat said...

Hope you have a great weekend - the weather is perfect for outdoor activities!!

Sarah said...

Hope you girls had fun. :) I just finished Pat's challenge. I can't believe how agonizing such a simple LO can be!