Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I had good intentions.

I read the directions for this weeks challenge on Sunday and came up with an idea. We spent most of the day on sunday outside...planting flowers and cleaning up the yard. So after dinner I went up to my scraproom for a bit. I decided to use the new BG Sultry papers to make my gift bag. After cutting and forming the basic shape, I put the kids to bed and headed downstairs to watch the hockey game with DH. I thought I'd finish up the container after work on Monday...WRONG!
A little Nor'easter decided to showup. About 9:30am a tree came crashing into our house, luckily it's fall was broken by another tree. At this point it appears that the gutters will need to be replaced. ( It will have to be inspected more closely today.) Then around 11am we lost power...I was at work while all this was happening but conditions weren't much better in OC. The building was intermittenly running on generator, the one bridge on/off the island was already closed and the schools on the island dismissed at noon to get everyone home before hightide. About 3pm I was told to go home since the other 2 bridges were mostly going to be closed. As it was the bridge I used had water across the approach, but it was passable. I managed to get home just before the kids and by then the wind had blown the tree pretty much out of the other tree and onto the ground. Still no power. Lot's of candles were pulled out and a fire started in the fireplace...inital estimates were we wouldn't have power until 8am Tuesday morning. Dinner consisted of hotdogs roasted in the fireplace and we played lot's of boardgames by candle light (oh and luckily the kids DS were charged so they could play them). finally just before 9pm we got power back and about 1/2 hour later we had cable too...back to the modern world.

During this whole mess I got my monthly package from CC, briefly looked at it in the daylight and safely tucked it away. As much as I wanted to scrap... I didn't think scrapping by candlelight would be a good idea. I had visions of some of my supplies going up in flames! By the time the power did come and I cleaned up our messes I was just too tired to scrap!


Pat said...

Yesterday was a one heck of a day wasn't it?? So glad to hear the tree didn't do a great deal of damage to your home.

Beth said...

The best laid plans... :) Hope everything in Jersey is calming down. Take care-