Sunday, January 9, 2011

I got it all cleaned and somewhat organized

I guess it was a good thing it snowed and ruined my plans because I did manage to get it all cleaned up and even had time to waste on the computer too. I don't think I ever gave you a tour, so since it's all clean I'll let you have a little peek...

This is an antique bench table (it actually came from the farm kitchen where my mother was raised and it was used in various places in my childhood it's mine) The back piece folds down making a 32x48" work surface. It nearly takes up all the floor space, but if I need to spread out it's good. Most of the time I keep it in "bench mode". The seat lid lifts up and I store some xyron refills and a few other oddities that I don't need to get at on a regular basis. Yes, the whole thing is sitting on a towel, but it makes it easier(and I won't scratch the floor) to move out to open. On top I have my xyron, paper trimmer, and my PCC album and papers. While organizing I placed my papers and embellies I picked up specifically for this project into a Cropper Hopper paper folder. I figured it would keep the basics handy when doing my monthly pages. Next to and underneath I have albums and a few photo storage boxes (my pre-digi days)

This shelving unit is tucked into the corner. Here is where I store my papers and stickers. I've sorted most papers my manufacturer as well as stickers too. They are all placed in Cropper Hopper folders & paper holders. The bottom shelf has some old albums and a basket full of idea books. There is also a small basket containing empty mini albums (you never know when you may need one) and another basket holds some sheets of canvas, cork, and a few small album kits.

The clean desk/work area. I know I've shown you how the drawers are organized so I won't go into that again. Underneath I have my printer on a rolling cart with drawers. In the drawers I store ink, photo paper, regular paper, and page protectors. There is also a small bin under there where I store cardstock scraps.

On one side of the closet I have added storage cubes with drawers, a small plastic "tool" container and a few bins. In the storage cube I have drawers for stamps (acrylic & wooden) Another small drawer has a bunch of Heidi Swapp stuff (I went on a craze with her stuff a few years ago, but I still use some here and there). Then in the big dedicated just to Thickers ( it's over flowing right now), one for chipboard shapes, another for other chipboard alphas, then the bottom drawer holds cards of trims, felt shapes and other "fabric" type embellishments.

That's it a quick tour of my space.

Now it's a good thing I got it all cleaned up because look what came yesterday while I was cleaning....

A nice big box of scrappy goodness. I got my February "Blue Skies" kit and some addons for the kit as well as my PCC project. I think I might just try to find some great pictures to go with this kit this afternoon, then I can get my scrappy mojo going.

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