Monday, January 17, 2011

{3 day weekend}

I went back to work last day, just to check to see what had piled up on my desk. A co-worker gave me a book she just finished and I dove into it Friday afternoon when I got home. I read all night (barely coming up for air) and then it took me another 2 hours early Satrurday morning.

It was a good easy read. About two little girls meeting one summer...their adventures and underlying family issues. I love a book that keeps me sucked in for the entire time. This is also a good reason why I either get books out of the library or share with friends...once I get sucked in there is no stopping me until I've finished it. The rest of the day Saturday was spent doing those errands I wanted to get done last Saturday & I also had to take B to get her eyes examined...she was complaining about not being able to see at school. Big prescription change !!

Sunday afternoon I finished up the layout I started on Thursday and then began thinking about my next layout. This morning I put my ideas to paper and finished up a 2nd layout with the "Blue Skies" kit. Do you ever get sucked into a style/technique when you are creating? Last month 2 of my projects had hand drawn frames on the background cardstock...this month it's outlining. Here's some pieces for today's layout...

See how the paper pieces are outlined in brown pen! Did the same thing with some of the pieces on that first layout. Hmmm....will have to ponder this.

I've also had a little idea brewing for quite sometime now and have been saving up wine corks for it. This morning I decided to see how close I was to my plan and to see if I still liked the idea...

I have a plan to make these framed decor items to hang in the kitchen. I just loosely laid out what I have saved up in a frame I had picked up a while ago on sale (not necessarily the frame I'm going to use). I think I'm going to proceed with this idea, but I do have a complaint. I do not like the "plastic" wine corks...they do not look right in this I couldn't use any of them. It seems though that a lot of vineyards are switching to these "corks" least a lot of the wines I've had lately. I guess I will have to change up and try some new wines to see if I can find more "real" corks.


adele holcomb said...

Oh, those wine corks are going to be fabulous -- what a great idea! Please post it when you finish. Now I'm going to have to start saving corks. DH will know I've lost my mind for sure!

P.S. Hope you are feeling completely recovered from your dental ordeal by now.

Beth said...

Oh, I loved that book. Her other two are just as good. I have Thank You For All Things on my bookshelf. Say the word and I will mail it to you if you like!

My dad also has 2 or 3 hundred corks which I'd be glad to send you, but then again you don't get the fun of drinking the wine that way! :)

scrappysue said...

Jen, what a totally stonking idea about the wine corks. I had a wine cork saved from a hotel in Moab (from about 5 years ago??!!), they make their own wine, it was delicious if I recall. I had no idea what to do with the cork, well I sure do now. Sounds like a very good excuse to drink more wine (and collect more wine corks from our travels!).

Is it OK to link to this brill idea from my blog?

Sharyn said...

Been collecting corks for years for something similar. You are right about those plastic ones not as nice.