Monday, December 27, 2010

approximately 20 inches later...

We are digging out...
(well this is Dan and soon after I took this picture the neighbor showed up with his plow and completely plowed out the driveway)

It started with a dusting Christmas night and then began in earnest yesterday morning around 7am and didn't stop until the wee hours of this morning. Today was sunny and very windy...we now have some 2-3ft drifts. Yesterday and today Fritz was gone for a good portion of the day sledding in a sand/gravel pit that is no longer mined. (our only source of hills around here) Me I stayed holed up inside editing pictures, working on some projects, and doing a little reading.

Let's back track to Christmas our church the children put on a Christmas Pageant at the 5:30pm service. This year I was the mother of "Gabriel" and the "innkeeper".

I didn't really get a good shot of the innkeeper, but here is "Gabriel" in all her angelic glory. After we arrived home we were greeted by Santa on the back of the fire engine and he delivered the first present. Had a nice light dinner, played some Wii and folded a little laundry.

We told the kids they couldn't get up until 7am, so I think they had us up and downstairs by 7:30am (not sure who woke who up)

One quick shot before the wrapping paper started flying! My sister and her family came down for the afternoon and an early dinner. Yesterday we were suppose to go to my Dad's but that didn't happen because of the storm. All in all it was a good holiday!

Now I need to get my mojo on. Have a "creative post" on the CC blog on Wednesday(that's what I worked on today) and I printed out pictures to use with my January kit. Stay tuned.

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Lisa Cole said...

I'm sure it's a major pain, but I do have to say, that snow looks so lovely :) Love your Christmas pics too!