Wednesday, December 22, 2010

yes,yes...I'm still here, but haven't been bloggin

Just caught up in the festivities of the month! Band concerts, christmas parties, etc.

I am now officially done work until next year :wink: Tomorrow I will spend most of the morning wrapping presents. Every year I vow to wrap as I go and I don't...oh well I just that's the way it goes. I'm also going to get my eyebrows waxed and go to a kettle bell class. Trying to keep up with the workouts to counter act all the yummy food. This will be my 3rd workout for the week.

The only thing I haven't gotten done on my to do list are Christmas cards. Possibly I will throw something together next week and send out New Years cards. If you have received cards from me in the past...I'm sorry mines not there yet, but here's hoping I get one to you next week.

Cooking dinner Christmas Day here at our sister and her family will be attending. We are suppose to have dinner at my Dad's on Sunday...but that may get snowed out.

Got a great email from Beth yesterday about the Phillies...thanks I really enjoyed it and passed it along to some fellow phans!

Next week I will be scrapping. I have my January kit and my PCC project to work on and I have a creative post due next Wednesday...yikes!

That's all I have for if I don't get on between now and the 25th....enjoy your holiday!

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Lisa Cole said...

Merry Christmas Jen :)