Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Well some of you may know that Coordinates Collections has been running a "Scrapping with the Stars" contest. Each round they pick 2 scrapping stars for the contestants to scrap. This year the twist has been that one of the "stars" has been a DT memeber. Well can I tell you how shocked I was last Monday when I saw my named posted as a "star"???!!! If any of you contestants are reading this....I had nothing to do with it, you can thank Sarah :wink: I'm sure they were all completely dumbfounded and most likely struggled with their LO's. They had to post their entries by sunday night and I'm amazed...truly FLATTERED by what they did. I have know idea who's going to move on yet(I'll find out with everyone else on thursday) These girls each found something of mine, pointed out some consistencies/things I like to do and created some amazing layouts. Some spotted the circles, paper cutting, journaling strips, layering etc...things that I tend to gravitate too. I loved this quote about my work(I think by Krisitine...I apologize if I'm crediting the wrong person) in describing by work she stated I have "a stylish non-style". I'll have to remember this if I ever do a resume. So really this post is a thank you to all of you for creating great layouts and I'm sorry it had to be me...go ambush Sarah! lol

Now I was chatting with my DT friends at the LSS online this morning and we're just dying to get our hands on some of that new CHA stuff. For me it is definetly PINK PAISLEE...I made the card on Sunday from my make-n-take scraps and I want to create more NOW! I've played with Zach's Life so that itch has been scratched. So after the "Pink" I guess it would be October Afternoon...please something arrive at the LSS by this weekend...I want to play and I'm getting impatient.

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Sarah said...

Aw, Jen, you are SO a star. :) Love ya!