Saturday, April 5, 2008

Limited internet...grrrrrrr!

Let's was cancelled (due to the storms we were suppose to have overnight & this morning) so I had my morning free. I started the never ending pile of laundry and decided to jump on the computer. I had some emails I wanted to do, a template to print out from an email and some other stuff...including helping Fritz with a school project which required some research on the net. Comcast is experiencing some kind of technical difficulties...I can't access my email, can get on some sites but not others! Just very frustrating and it shows how much I've become dependent on the 'net.

I did work on some Make & Take projects that have been brewing in my head...more to come on that subject at a later date :wink:

Don't forget it is Saturday...the challenge will be posted at 8pm tonight over on Pat's blog.
Her hints so's a layout, you're using your old stash, and it's based on a sketch/template.

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