Tuesday, April 29, 2008

1 more day...

then I can reveal my projects over at Coordinates Collections and 1 more day left in April.

So....if there's 1 day left in the month that means in 4 days I will be here:

and probably while there I'll see this guy:

Also it's the Flower Show at Epcot! Love what Disney does with plants...if only I could perform half that "magic" on my own flowers. I have plans this year to do a mini album of just the flowers from the show...hopefully I can capture how amazing this event is.


Beth said...

Can I come along? I've never, ever been to Disney. I think I'm the only grown up who hasn't been there as a child......(sniff)

Susan said...

Have a great time Jen!! I'll be with you in spirit. Say hi to the Mouse for me, oh and make sure they are taking care of my suite in the Castle while I'm stuck here in NJ ok? :)