Saturday, February 6, 2010

A blizzard???!!!!

Blizzard= sustained winds at 35+mph, visibility less than 1/4 mile, and these conditions continue for 3 or more hours....yep that's what we've got. It's been snowing since about 5pm last night and is expected to move out between 6-10pm tonight. We have sustained winds at 35-40mph and gusts around 50mph. Right now we have somewhere between 12-18inches on the ground. Here's a look out my scraproom window... The arrow is pointing to the mailbox...the post is almost completely buried in the snow. I'm sure after the plows come through we will be digging it out too. There are trees and wires down all over the place. Our lights have flickered on and off several times already this morning. (Figured I'd hop on now and post before I totally lose power) Poor Dan is working daywork in Ocean City today. The island is really suffering from these winds combined with the wet snow. Just talked to him and there are a lot of roads that can't even be plowed due to the electric lines and poles which are lying across them. The electric company says they won't even respond until the winds have diminished. Even the police dept's. backup generator has failed...they are awaiting a new generator to be delivered by the County Emergency Management Office. (From a scrapping/curiosity stand point I did send him to work this morning with my point & shoot camera)

Speaking of's a perfect day for that. At CHA Basic Grey gave out a retailers layout kit (which was great for us when we were trying to match papers for upcoming kits) in the kit they supplied pieces of the new papers, some stickers, and layout instructions. You pretty much have to follow their instructions completely because they only gave you a few full sheets of paper...most are just half sheets.

Here I pulled all the papers from the "Max & Whiskers" line...

The papers are double-sided. The one sided is very "themey"/pet specific (very cute for your pet layouts) but the other sides are non-themey patterns. Love the colors in this line...nice teal blue, browns, orange, red, and yellow. (Masculine/autumn colors). Right now I am doing the layout that is pet specific...just printed out a picture before the power fails me. Hopefully I can get a few more done over the weekend and will be sharing later.

Stay tuned for some storm pictures later too. Tomorrow is suppose to be cold & sunny...I suppose we will all be out shoveling snow.


Lisa Cole said...

Hope you are all stocked up in the hot cocoa department... looks fun though :) Stay safe Dan.

scrappysue said...

Great excuse to get some scrapping done Jen! I don't envy you digging your way out in the snow though. Sending positive vibes that you don't lose your electricity. Keep warm and safe.