Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My to do list is getting smaller

Wednesdays are my early days out of work so I swung by the grocery store to lay in groceries for my peeps while I'm away. Now I just have to get all my stuff a last minute load of laundry(or 2) and start packing. Getting excited about having a week in Calif, but at the same time I will miss my peeps too.

I'm thinking I may bring the I may be able to give you updates from CA, but will see when I start the packing process.

A little exciting blog news...October Afternoon has finally started a blog! I'm liking what I see so far and those people at Fancy Pants are just killing they show kraft diecut papers!!!

I have a little addiction with kraft. :wink:

BTW... Heather if you stop over to read, will you be working at the Amuse booth or are you just shopping for your Mom? I'm arriving Saturday afternoon. I'll try to stop by Amuse to see you.

That's all for now, talk later.


Pat said...

I'm really bummed I'm not going to CHA this year! By all means, take the laptop and keep us updated! Have fun at CHA and I'm sure you'll visit the Mouse, too!

Heather said...

A Muse doesn't have a booth this year, so I'll be walking the floor with some of the A Muse ladies instead. Hopefully we'll cross paths!

Safe travels!