Thursday, December 4, 2008

Silly Question

This Sunday we're going up to Longwood Gardens to see the Christmas display. Every year growing up we'd all pile into the car and drive thru the grounds at night during the holiday to see the outdoor Christmas display and occasionally we'd pay admission and actually go into the conservatory. So this year, after seeing an article in Southern Living magazine, I asked my sister if she'd be interested in getting together and taking the kids. She was totally up for it. Now this brings me to the silly question. Last night I got an email from her "....Do you think it would be silly if I put Kylie in her Christmas dress and tried to take some pictures while we are there?" She's asking ME if I thought it would be silly????!!!! I've already been trying to plan what I'd have the kids wear so they'd look good in all the pictures I took as soon as I uttered the phrase "let's go to Longwood"!!!

She knows I'm never without a camera, she knows I scrapbook, I guess she doesn't realize how obsessive we can be.

Sorry nothing creative to share tonight. Probably won't get anything done until Saturday, but 1st thing I have to go out shopping for black pants...someone has his 1st holiday band concert coming up soon. That will certainly be included in my DD album.


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I LOVE Longwood Gardens. It's so beautiful. Can you believe I've never been during Christmas? I always want to, but never get around to it.