Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm home.

What a super busy fun 3 days, but I do hate that commute across the country. The 3 hour time difference is a real pain. Anyway arrived to sunny warm California on Friday...it turned cool and rainy and then I came home late last night to a light snow.

CHA was awesome as usual. I did a really big post with pictures on the CC blog today and I know Sarah will be finishing up with a second post and more pictures either tonight or sometime in the near future. All in all we got 10 complete kits done (that's 5 months) and the bones for an 11th started. Plus we picked out some fun stuff just to stock in the CC store.

It was great seeing Jamie & Lisa again...I wish we all lived closer. It was fun meeting Sarah and Robyn. Robyn even came back to our room after dinner Saturday night to help select papers for the kits...made it much easier having 4 designers there hanging papers and voicing their opinions. We spent Sunday on the show floor selecting the embellishments for these kits and doing a few more make-n-takes.

Speaking of the show floor it was fun seeing familiar faces in some of our favorite booths. Sometimes you even have a chance to chat and share some candy. (Maybe they will even let you have some of their secret stash of candy...we were in the right booth at the right time for the stash of Twix bars to be brought out) We also got to meet the people from Simple Stories who make the "Life Documented " kit that we are using as a base for {PCC}. They loved our idea and just like us loved Lisa's videos.

I'm not sharing more CHA pictures of scrap supplies (you can see these like I mentioned on the CC blog) but I will share a picture of B wearing some of the stuff I brought home from CHA.

A super cute apron from Fancy Pants, a necklace from Bella Blvd, a Make-n-Take necklace that I made at October Afternoon, and she has a few pins in her pocket from Pebbles (they are pink of course).


Lisa Cole said...

Awww Becca.. I love the apron on you!

Emma loves hers too :)

scrappysue said...

Welcome back Jen, so glad you had a great time. Oooh, I would so love to go to CHA! Will check out your post at CC in due course!

Sarah said...

She is so stinkin' cute. I haven't given mine their aprons yet. I'm thinking of waiting until I'm desperate for something new. :)