Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A day late...

but as I promised I have some things to share.

First for those of you with a sweet tooth...the cheesecake was delicious! I will definitely be making that one again. Next time I may tweek the filling layer...to have a bit more raspberry in the middle layer. The only thing that didn't work (totally not my fault) was that the fresh raspberries I bought to use as a garnish were totally moldy when I went to wash them...grrr!

Anyway Sunday was a beautifully glorious day....the sun was shining but a bit on the cool side. We drove up to PA to celebrate Easter with my family and to have the traditional egg hunt at my parents house. Each child was told that they could go out and collect 25 eggs and then there were another 20 saved for the 2 year old twins to find when they arrived. So everyone races out into the backyard and it's a whirlwind of children zipping around gathering eggs...

That's Fritz rounding a big planting area that always hides quite a few eggs. Everyone has their favorite spots to hit out in the yard.

Periodically when you think you've reached your limit you have to stop and count what you have in your basket.

Then when it's all said and done with you have quite the haul. It never fails that every year we come up short an egg or two. This year all but 1 egg was found...apparently the squirrels in the area look forward to Easter just as much as the kids. In a week or 2 my father will find the egg when he mows the grass and it usually is empty and in a location other than where it was normally hidden.

Now on to the scrappy stuff. Wow this kit is fun!!!
So far I have 2 layouts and an altered item done and still a few more things planned out.
Here's a little sneek of my 1st layout....

The kraft cardstock is from my stash, the cream/blue paper on the left is from the paper addon and you can just see a bit of a Jillibean Journaling sprout on the right. Jamie has the red ones listed as a kit addon, but I'm also recommending the brown. Like I said I have 3 projects done and 2 of them have brown journaling sprouts and one has red. This layout kinda has an "Ali-esque" type design to it. Not my usual but I had fun with it.

Stay tuned....I may share some more sneeks later in the week.

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Beth said...

Glad you had a good Easter, Jen. The egg hunt looks like such fun!

More sneaks, please!!!