Saturday, April 11, 2009


It's weird how a word just keeps cropping up over and over. I read an article early this week on creativity and then I received my kit in the mail this week and inside was a canvas tag by Prima that said "create". Then while sorting thru some old pictures I found this painting I did in 1st grade (a very long time can even see by the curves in my bus. They use to be rounder in the ones my kids ride are very boxy) This was my very 1st art show and I won 3rd place out of all the 1st graders.

Art was a very big part of my education ( I went to a high school which had an "Art Major" in addition to taking my regular college prep classes I also had an Art period every day. This got me to thinking about how I have always led a creative life. However it's not just the painting & drawing and obviously now scrapbooking. There are other things in life that I enjoy that can be considered "creative". Take gardening....thru plant color/selection and hardscaping(pots, rocks, etc.) I am creating a work of art in my yard or patio/deck. Cooking is creating with food creating a work of art that can be both beautiful to the eye and appealing to the taste buds. Those are just a few of the things that have popped into my mind on this idea.

So with this in mind it has been a rather creative day around our home. (Perfect on a rainy Saturday) I hard boiled eggs and let the kids have fun coloring them.

Then I got creative in the kitchen. This years Easter dessert will be a "White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake.

It smells so will be agonizing waiting until tomorrow afternoon for a taste. I also got busy preparing the ingredients for homemade fajitas tonight.

In addition to all this I have been playing with the scrumptious "Lemonade Kit" over at Coordinates Collections. My first layout is about what else but creatvity.

Hope you all have a Happy Easter. Hopefully I'll have some pictures, a peek at my 1st layout and I will report on how the dessert tasted on Monday.


scrappysue said...

Oh my that does look scrummy, how can you wait! Lets say creativity does not run into catering in my household. Having said that according to DH, I get very creative with my excuses for not putting the weekly grocery shop away! Have a great Easter! Sue

Lisa Cole said...

you ooze creativity Jen, I bow to you :) Girrrrlll, that cheesecake.... I can taste it from here! Happy Easter!