Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So it snowed all night too

and we woke up to about 4 inches of snow. The kids were terribly disappointed that they did not have a snow day today. Here's a view out the back door...

I love when it sticks to the trees. Everything just looks so beautiful.

So I've been promising some peeks of some new product right?

Well let me show you my favorite release by Basic Grey this winter....Lime Rickey

I will start by giving credit for the layout design to Kelly Goree. (Retailers were given instructions for layouts to make when they placed orders)

Now my layout does differ slightly from Kelly's due to the fact that neither I or one of my partners in crime didn't completely read the instructions. You see when I came home I only had 1 of the 4 pieces of the Lime Rickey solids that were needed for this layout.( We split up all the product we had collected during the show before we left) So when I discovered this it was like deja vu for me. Sorting thru cardstock trying to find matches for pattern paper...only in the hotel I had huge swatch books(my stash of cardstock is NOT that big :wink:)

The buttons are from the Lime Rickey collection and the chipboard letters are BG and covered with the only "solid" I had from the collection (Orange Cream). You can see the entire Lime Rickey collection here.

So I'm not sure I will be posting anymore scrappy goodness until the weekend. It appears that I have developed a head cold (probably the nasty air on the airplane is to blame). May just curl up with a book tonight.

Talk later.

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