Friday, October 3, 2008

I admit...I'm addicted

to the internet. My internet service went down on Wednesday night as I was working on some monthly stuff over at CC and it just came back up this afternoon. Not sure what was wrong...we did have a storm on Wednesday night and onetime before....water somehow got in the connector? and shorted us out until it dried up. So I'm thinking that's what happened this time...we'll see when the Comcast guy get's here tomorrow.

So you'd think with no internet I'd get busy creating....WRONG! I sat here obsessing about not having access to the net. Wishing I had a cell phone with internet access and then even more bummed when I realized the VP debate interupted my watching of Grey's Anatomy.

Anyway I'm here now. Hoping to get something creative done soon. I first must cleanup my looks like a small scrapbook store exploded in there! But first thing on the agenda this weekend(besides soccer lol) is Halloween decorations. I promised Becca that we'd get them out this weekend.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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Pat said...

Isn't awful to be this addicted to the internet??? My connection was out for awhile Wednesday night and Thursday, too! It was traumatic *big grin*