Sunday, July 13, 2008

So whatcha doing?

Me....I have SO many creative ideas floating around my head right now; I actually find it hard to scrap (I don't know what to do 1st!) Alot of those ideas were sparked by the arrival of 2 kits earlier this week from Coordinates Collections. I have both August kits up in my scraproom and they are SO FAB! Also Pat posted this weeks Saturday Night Challenge on her blog...ah my new favorite thing...Flocking! Just thought of an idea while I was doing the dishes; tonight I'll try to get it done. I can't scrap during the day since DH is on nights this weekend and to get to my scraproom, you have to walk thru our bedroom; besides it's been a fabulous weekend. Have been outside weeding and lounging by the pool yesterday afternoon & this morning. Last night I did finish one layout using the "Vegtable Patch" kit. Maybe tomorrow when I post my SNC project( fingers crossed that I finish it tonight) I'll give you a little peek at it.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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