Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring break has started...

On Wednesday we had an interesting turn to our weather, sunny & warmish. Thursday was beautiful...I actually left work early (not to enjoy the weather) I used a half day of sick time to pick Fritz up and take him to the Dr's. For the last week or so his allergies have been horrible. A constant cough from the drip. Basically I was tired of listening to it and afraid it might have developed into something else. At Dr's they did a strep culture and when the Dr. came in she said that it was negative and she believed the cough was just a result of his allergies (cedar & oak pollen is crazy right now) She prescribed a stronger cough medicine for him to take and off we went. How surprised I was when I glanced in my rearview mirror, when getting ready to leave the parking lot, to see the Dr. waving at us to stop. Apparently when they checked the strep test again before disposing of it, it was positive. So now he's taking an antibiotic & cough medicine. Luckily there is no soccer practice for the next week, so he has plenty of recovery time.

Yesterday was gorgeous! Sunny highs in the mid 70's. I washed the bed linens and hung outside (except for Fritz's, didn't want them to load up with any pollen) Went grocery shopping and did a few other errands. While I was out and about I picked up 2 climbing rose bushes. I want to have them grow across the picket fence that closes off our backyard from the front.

Today is a bit overcast and damp...a cool fog rolling in off the ocean. Finished up all my projects for Coordinates Collections, wrote the newsletter tips, just waiting on Lisa to send me a picture before I send everything off.

Tomorrow is the annual egg hunt and dinner at my Dad's house. Here's a picture of one of my contributions to the meal:

Don't they look nice and Springy? They are angel food cupcakes with a topping made of crushed pineapple, instant pudding mix, and cool-whip. oh, and half a strawberry placed on top. Since there are so many choclate lovers in the family I am also making some chocolate mousse bars too.


scrappysue said...

Sorry to hear about Fritz, hope he recovers soon. Those cakes look totally scrummy; have to admit we haven't made anything this year, probably because we went away instead. Hope you have a wonderful Easter and enjoy the egg hunt!

Lyn said...

Those look delicious! Happy Easter!