Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday already???

Where did the weekend go?

Let's see I spent 2 1/2 hrs Friday night at "dance pictures" She had 3 different time slots scheduled (3 different classes=3 different costumes= a serious dent in my wallet :wink:) starting with the 1st at 6:25pm. When we arrived to have her hair done at 6pm and to change from soccer gear(came straight from practice) to the first costume we heard that they were running seriously behind. About 8:25pm we were finally climbing into the car to head home. It had been close to 4 hours since she had been home and she wanted to know what I planned for dinner. By this point it was the McDonalds drive thru...I myself had passed the point of hunger and just wanted to get home.

Saturday morning Fritz had his first game as a "referee" actually today he just shadowed the assigned referee. Starting next week he will have at least one game every Saturday morning...his first paying job. As well as earning an income the program was designed to teach the "traveling" players respect for the ref. Nothing like walking in another man's shoes I suppose.

Saturday afternoon we traveled to Cherry Hill for Becca's game. They won 5-4.

Another Mom emailed me this picture of her getting it past two defenders (it didn't last long).
After the game we headed out to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory in honor of Dan's birthday on Sunday. After dinner we went to Barnes & Noble...the kids picked out some books and got hot chocolates. I then ducked into Coldwater Creek with my 25% off coupon and came out with 2 new tops.

Sunday was church and then another game of soccer. This one was played in a steady drizzle of light rain. They actually won the game 3-2. Afterwards we came home, ate our leftovers from Cheesecake Factory and presented Dan with gifts and a small cake.

Then today was work...the cycle starts all over again.

I attempted to start a layout over the weekend...the keyword was "attempted". Getting ready to sit down and work on it a bit right now. Got to printout some pictures...for me this is the worst part. I put off doing it all the time...hoping that they would just magically appear over night I guess.

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scrappysue said...

Sounds like a fun (if not very busy!) weekend. Glad to hear you might just get in some scrapping time; oh and I am a huge procrastinator too when it comes to printing out photos.