Monday, November 2, 2009

{a new phone}

Well the phone fairy must have heard my wishes about getting a new phone because today while I was holed up in my room "creating"...3 Verizon bags appeared on my kitchen table.

Our contracts were up and we got new phones!!!! I am now the owner of a Blackberry I need to figure out how to use it. Good thing I'm on vacation and maybe able to take a few minutes and read the instructions.

So yes I did do a little scrapping today. I made 2 projects with some of the Basic Grey Eskimo Kisses paper (and some other goodies supplied to me by the Scrapbook Cafe). Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to get some pictures and then I can share with you.

Speaking of tomorrow, Dan & I had planned to go out on a little shopping adventure. I was hoping to get back to the Container Store, Crate&Barrel and a few others that hold absolutely no interest to my children. Plans have changed...I was picking Becca up from school today since she has Dance right afterwards. One look at her and I could tell something was wrong. Out in the car she announced she didn't feel well. Achy & an upset stomach. I took her temp when we got home...101.8. She's now Motrin'ed up and resting in bed. Dan told me he'd stay home with her so I could go out...hope all is well in the morning and I can get a little retail therapy in. It has been ages since I was out shopping by myself.

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