Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A quick weekend recap

We left Friday and came home on Monday. Most of the weekend was spent in South Central Pennsylvania at the Dillsburg Soccer Tournament. 250 teams over 18 different field sites...that's a lot of soccer action. Saturday and Sunday was spent either playing or waiting to play a game.

He's now playing the striker position, so this is a shot of putting the ball into play the beginning of the 2nd half of one of the games. On Saturday he did shoulder in a ball scoring a goal...of course I didn't get a shot of that.

Then I snapped this picture of the team laying together along the sideline watching another game. There were 24 teams in the U12 division and our guys ended up 8th. I don't think they cared where they placed...they just enjoyed the fact that they all got to stay in a hotel for the weekend together.

We were done our games by 1pm on Sunday and decided to take advantage of the beautiful fall day and the fact that we were within a 1/2 hours drive of Gettysburg.

After watching a film in the visitors center we headed out on a car tour of the actual battlefield. I took A LOT of pictures. It really is unbelieveable how little these rolling hills have changed since those 3 days in July 1863. This is a picture of a row of cannons located at the beginning of Seminary Ridge (the Confederate Side) if I remember correctly one of the regiments from Virginia was stationed here. We drove down along the top of Seminary Ridge, around thru Round Top and Little Round Top and then across Cemetary Ridge. From every angle the views were amazing and you could almost picture the battle going on before you. A very moving afternoon indeed.

More stories from the remodeling/scraproom front, but I will save them for another post...with maybe a picture or two. However, tomorrow is the 1st game of the NLCS I maybe preoccupied :wink: Go Phillies!

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Beth said...

Gettysburg is great, isn't it? I haven't been there in a few years so I'll have to put that on my list for spring or next summer since WINTER has suddenly arrived in our area.

Love the picture of the boys laying on the sidelines.

There was lots of jumping around and screaming in the final game against the Rockies. I think they can handle LA, but it won't be easy with our pitching issues. Go PHILS!