Sunday, October 18, 2009

Coming Together

Well it's been a very rainy wet weekend here in southern New Jersey. The Soccer League canceled league play this weekend due to the poor field conditions. We had a free weekend...yay! Bad news...we will be now playing makeup games the 1st weekend of December (brrr!).

We went out shopping yesterday. Fritz was in desperate need of new jeans, so we went to Old Navy and then we also made a trip to Target & Borders...then Dan offered to take us all out to lunch.

In the afternoon we decided to put the drawer pulls on the cabinets and install the countertop in the new scraproom. A little sidenote about this week...said countertop was hanging out the back of Dan's SUV when he dropped his keys. He bent down to pick up the keys and yes you guessed it...caught the side of his forehead on the edge of the counter. He called me at work and off we went to the ER. Luckily, no stitches were needed. They just cleaned and taped it up.

Now last week when we began to position the cabinets my inital plan to wrap the counter around both walls was thrown out the door. This would have just taken up too much space in this little room. So I then decided to just run it from the window down to the corner. After installing the countertop this is what it looks like right now.

I've begun filling up some of the drawers with tools and supplies. I know it will take me quite sometime to get it completely organized to my liking. I have to get Dan to hang the dark brown floating shelves on the wall above the counter. Probably the jars of ribbon and Creative Cafe embellishments seen here sitting on the counter will go up on the shelves. (He also has to still install the baseboard too, then his work will be finished)

I bought these at Target yesterday:

Thought they might be fun for organizing stuff. Pat has these little tin baskets/pails at her shop...

They come in a variety of colors (I'm taking my fabric swatch up with me on my next visit to find something that matches my decor). This might be a fun accent on the counter top holding some of the things I use all the time.

Well I don't think I will share anymore pictures until I get the room all finished. Got a chair on order, some pictures to hang, etc. So stay tuned. It's finally coming together.


scrappysue said...

Your room is looking great Jen! Looks really cozy already. Love the orange basket, and the little bucket.

NoraAnne said...

It looks great so far! I have that bucket in brown and I love it :) Enjoy your new room!

Rebecca said...

Your new counter and drawers look fabulous. My request for more workspace was denied too :(