Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's still HOT!

Unless you are near the ocean (gotta love that ocean breeze) it just sucks the life out of you! So hot that at 6:30am in the morning yesterday my phone rings...Fritz's school...only a half day because of the heat. (His building has no central air) When he arrives home he has a letter stating that the entire district will be 1/2 days until the end of the year...appearently it's taxing the systems in the buildings with air. Despite all this...right now he is at tryouts for "traveling" soccer. They already put the boys thru an hour of tryouts on Saturday in this heat, but after tonight we should know who makes it for the 2008-2009 team. I hope he makes it (even though some coldy rainy weekend in the fall I'll be regreting this statement) but if not he'll still play in the rec program.

Dan got home yesterday and we've just been taking it easy,no exciting plans for this week. The Miss NJ parade is being held tomorrow up on the boardwalk...I've heard a rumor that the contestants are all going to be dressed as "Princesses" so I may take Becca over to watch.

On scrappy news...I'm in the midst of doing a 2page spread! I'm not usually comfortable doing 2pagers...but I had a"vision" over the weekend and so last night I laid out the basics. (thankgoodness for my BG mat...now I only wish they made it bigger for 2 pagers) So far I like what I've got going on...may sneak up to the scraproom later tonight and see if I can keep the "vision" on track.

Okay another heat related story...I'm sitting here listening to the fire scanner. It's so hot they opened the drawbridge (the "draw" part is metal grate) that it expanded do to the heat...now it can't be closed. The fire company has to be dispatched to pump water on it to cool it down. FYI this is the 3rd day in a row this has happened. Stay cool all my east coast friends and Lisa if you are reading...SNOW??? You're kidding me right???!


Beth said...

Oh my - I thought we were the only district left in the US w/o central air. I'm glad they are not keeping them there all day. It's unbearable!
Hopefully it will cool off for you soon - it is better here today and more of a breeze.

Can't wait to see this two pager!

Anonymous said...

I am not kidding you... CRAZY I tell you! :)