Saturday, August 16, 2008

Home from soccer

Just an update...since I've ignored my blog all week.
We had 2 soccer games this morning...the 1st at 8am!!!
After that game I had to run Bec to a bday party, left her there then headed back out to the fields to watch the 2nd game. Both teams we played were seeded in the top division, so we knew it would be tough. We lost the first game then won the 2nd it was a great start to the season. Tomorrow we have another game at 9:30am so we get to sleep in a bit. 6am came way to early this morning. So now we're all home getting ready to throw the "stinky" soccer uniform in the wash, then I think we're just going to relax at the pool this afternoon.

Tomorrow after the game I have the usual laundry to do but I'd also like to get up to the scraproom and get some cleaning/organizing done. Since the CC stuff is a bit delayed due to the fact that both kits have new CHA goodies in them, I might as well take advantage of the time to get my creative mess organized.

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