Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So lets catch up...

Gosh it really has been like a whirlwind around here. I feel like I'm constantly in motion. So crazy that on Monday morning after showering I realized I had no clean work pants! (Guess what I started doing at 6:30am?) We were on the road almost all weekend with soccer and then managed to see another Union game Saturday night in Philly.

Okay now I've let you in on my house is a disaster right now. I did manage to get 7 loads of laundry done Monday before/after work. Dan opened up the pool today, so when I got home I got to help him fold up the cover and get that into storage. I have a ton of empty pots on the deck and around the pool that should be filled with flowers by now (they are not) and the list continues to grow.

So besides soccer, we are winding down other activities. Tomorrow night is a band concert, next Thursday is an "art show", a scout project on Saturday, and next week starts recital rehearsals.

Speaking of the recital...I picked up these last week:

Of course I had to buy one pose in each costume. I pretty much choked when the guy told me that I could have every pose they took for $150! I think my exact words were "That's not happening" So I struggled to pick just one of each that I liked. (I still spent more than I should have)

Anyway, last night I finally started to play with my "Jack" kit from Coordinates Collections.
I began by misting a piece of the cardstock. Using a stamped image from the Donna Downey foam stamp that I love so much.

Well after it dried I wasn't happy with it. Mad at myself for wasting a piece of cardstock ( I have now thought about it for 24hrs &changed my plan and think I may be able to salvage some of it.) I moved on to another layout idea...

For the base of this layout I used that great piece of BoBunny paper that's in the kit. Love the grunge look of it. Also used some of those cool Basic Grey trims too. Sorry it's slightly out of focus, but it's only a peek right?

So yes I'm still here.
One more weekend of soccer!
Maybe I'll start posting more regularly then?


Lisa Cole said...

Oh my, Becca is just lovely with her poses!!! You are one busy Mama, Jen!

scrappysue said...

What adorable photos; wish they would have photographers at concerts over here, my photos never come out! Our school photographers charge $40 just for one .jpeg file, shocking eh?! Hope things quiet down for you soon Jen!