Monday, March 22, 2010

{still waiting}

Thought I'd pop in to let you all I know I'm still alive. Still waiting for the kit to arrive from Coordinates Collections. I hear the girls that chose the April "Flowers" kit have gotten theirs. Apparently we're still waiting on a piece of paper from KI to ship :(. Anyway we had a gorgeous week last week highs in the low 70's and we finally saw the sun!!! However, it disappeared late yesterday and right now it is raining once again.

We managed to get both soccer games in this weekend. Becca's team won and Fritz's team tied 0-0.

Sorry I haven't been on the computer much (I know I have a ton of blogs to catch up on)but my carpal tunnel has been acting up. This past week I've just been coming home from work and putting my brace on. It's feeling much better now but I'm trying to limit how much time I spend on the computer for awhile.

Hopefully I'll have something creative to share soon. I can't wait for the April "Showers" kit to get here.

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scrappysue said...

Ouch! Carpal tunnel sounds horrid, hope it goes away soon and doesn't get in the way of creating!