Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's the "bad" blogger checking in...

You know I figured this is what my blog would be like when I first started blogging. (A poor, pathetic, neglected mess) But I was good at it when I started 2-3 posts per week, stuff to share, and here I am posting for just the 2nd time this month. It's not that I don't have stuff to say, but something to do with the fact that I just feel mentally exhausted when I come home from work each day (crazy issues that I just won't go in to here on a blog) and the fact that most of my day is spent on a computer doesn't help. Even my creativity has been suffering.

With that being said I have been inspired by this kit...
This is the September "Preppy Boy" kit from Coordinates Collections. Hopefully you already pre-ordered one because I believe it has sold out! Love the mix of papers from SassLass Indie Girl & Basic Grey Oliver. (Blues & Greens with just a hint of pink...YUM) I've got 3 layouts done already and have ideas for another couple of projects. (Next week will be sneak week on the CC blog)

So speaking of the CC blog this week is "Creativity Week". Two of the designers have posted videos this week, so fun to hear a voice to go with a picture and a name. (No videos from me...not that technologically proficient yet. Though my west coast friends have told me I sound like the Barefoot Contessa?!!? (she is SO Long Island and I've just got that southeastern PA/South Jersey thing going on) I've been racking my "uncreative" mind for something to highlight on Friday and have finally come up with an idea...getting ready to get started on it now. I'm home all alone so I can have uninterrupted creative time all night!!!(Truly unheard of)Hopefully this will get me out of my rut and bring on the mojo. I really think this months kit has helped with that too.

Remodel update: Toilet and vanity have been installed, tile work 99% done, waiting on the glass enclosure for the shower, hardware for the cabinets and one more wall sconce. I now need to repaint the bedroom (new door and some drywalling done) , kitchen (downstairs below the bathroom had some drywall issues) and the family room because while I had the services of an interior designer I decided to have custom valances made for my kitchen window and family room windows. Some how one home improvement project always leads to another!

Okay so now I'm just babbling along (told you it wasn't that I didn't have anything to say) so I will stop here and get busy creating.

Talk later (hopefully sooner than later:wink:)


scrappysue said...

Nice to hear from you Jen, I know what you mean about blogging; I have been rather lax of late, but nothing much to say since we are completely stuck indoors. Roll on winter I say! What a lovely kit, and so your colours! Glad you bathroom is coming along so well. Enjoy your creating (as usual I have too many projects going on at once!).

Susie said...

I must be one of those West Coast friends!