Wednesday, January 13, 2010

{one more to go}

Hopefully I can get one more project done this weekend.(but I have no idea what yet) Sunday I managed to get 2 done and then Sunday night another idea came to me....I could barely stand sitting at work all day on Monday. I was itching to create. It took me 2 nights...lots of cut work and paper pleating and then I had to wait for those pleats to dry. Intrigued???

Here's a little peek...

Stay tuned for the full reveal February 1st! Got to find a few pictures for a multi-photo to have one of those every month. Then and only then can I say my projects are done.

Starting to get my list together, this weekend will be doing a few errands picking up stuff, before the packing begins. Speaking of packing it dawned on me this morning that I have to pack up my peeps stuff too before I leave. They will all be joining me in CA for a few days after CHA. A little mid-winter break for us in the California sunshine. Plan on doing Disneyland, the San Diego Zoo and possibly a few other things...including a visit to the Pacific Ocean(living here along the Atlantic the kids are curious about the Pacific)

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